Nuts about Nuts

Have you ever gone nuts about something or someone? Like your mind is overly stimulated with excitement. I’ve been going nuts over the past few weeks and want to thank you. I’m going nuts about how many people have supported my channel. I’m nuts about the fantastic response and words of encouragement. It might not make sense to you, but I’m so over joyed. Often times , things don’t make sense to others but when you know what the Lord has done for you and open doors that seemed forever closed, you to will go “nuts about nuts”, some things can’t be explained they are just to be enjoyed. I’m very fond of all the attention that’s been generated, what an amazing journey for . Please keep driving me nuts (as in happy) and comment, like and subscribe to this channel. Hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to this channel. If you’re looking for inspiration , devotions, great recipes and overall healthfulness you’re in the right place. Our health isn’t just physical but its also mental. Great health begins in the mind, so tell your mind “ I can “ do this. You see why I’m going nuts about you. I’m reminded of a verse in the bible Colossians 4:2 – Devote yourselves to prayer; being watchful and thankful. I’m so thankful.

Yes, friends, I’m going nuts, so much energy in this room. Will you help me share the benefits of nuts with others. I’m now, talking about the true appetizing nuts. Those deliciousness that we put on our food. Pecan pie, German chocolate cake, peanut butter cookies. Mouthwatering pralines and divinities. I’m going nuts about nuts. Let’s talk about 🥜 nuts. Bible Verse – Song of Solomon 6:11 Contemporary English Version – I went down to see if blossoms were on the walnut trees, grapevines, and 🍉 fruit 🍎 trees.

A nut is a fruit composed of an inedible hard shell and a seed, which is edible. I love many different types of nuts, like pecans, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios,Brazil nuts.just to name a few. Do you like almonds, well, you probably like prunes and apricots as well, since they are from the same family? What about cashews, did you know its a relative to the strawberry? Macadamia nuts, they are yummy for humans but very toxic for dogs. Did you know pecans, from the hickory tree is the only nut tree that’s a native of North America? You might see why my topic this week is nuts about nuts, as in crazy with excitement and crazy over the benefits of nuts, such a unique combination and play on words. Maybe I should say crazy about crazy, I think you catch my drift?

Is there something in your life that’s so exciting that has you nuts about nuts? A new job, new friends, good grades, a recent promotion, business capital, family unity, acceptance into a new organization (church, club, enterprise) a good report about your health or your love ones improvement, did you win the raffle or lottery, now that’s a nuts about nuts moment. So many things to be thankful and happy about. You don’t have to explain it, this is a week of crazy kind of devotion. The kind that’s needed to replenish the soul, the kind of reshaping and resetting the previous weeks mishaps. The kind of praise to remind you that He is holding you and protecting your steps. On the count of three, go NUTS, ABOUT NUTS…..whatever you want to do. Shout , scream, say YES, dance, sing, its your time now, 1,2,3 , you’re free to be? Luke 1:37 – For with God, nothing shall be impossible.

At please know that eating nuts can help your heart, reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and help you maintain a balanced diet. Protein is beneficial to our heart and so are these: unsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E and others minerals and nutrients. Here’s to your health and heart, next time your ice cream is topped with pecans/almonds or the nut of your choosing, take a moment and reacquaint yourself with all the benefits of nuts. Go ahead, again, go nuts about nuts. Thank you for making this dream channel and website a reality, and everyone who viewed and subscribed to this channel.Thank you. Looking forward to more “thank you” moments next week. Comment, hit the thumbs up button and tell your friends, if they are seeking inspiration,motivation, wellness talk, healthy recipes,and current trending from a biblical grounding,become a regular viewer of healthyhustleandheart ❤️

Taken for granted to giving gratitude

The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save: this is the opening verse to Zephaniah 3:17 in the English Standard Version (ESV).


Have you ever felt as if you’re being taken for granted ? Has someone under estimated your value and worth? Let’s say you’re asked to participate in a project, and you’ve given it your all and your team mates know it , however the honor is given to the person that contributed the least to the team. What about all the sacrifices and long hours you’ve given to finish the charity drive and it’s business as usual. Don’t mention the love, dedication we give our families,friends and love ones. Often times it’s taken for granted the role you play in keeping things together.


Let’s look at Zephaniah. You probably aren’t that familiar with this minor prophet in the Bible. That’s why I wanted to highlight him . Perhaps you can see yourself or someone who reminds you of him. Others may take you for granted but the lord will honor your deeds and sacrifices towards HIM. We’ll come back to this point.

Now, Psalms 73:23-26. It starts with .. Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand… ( please read in its entirety ) Asaph envied the wicked, his eyes revealed that they prospered and had all their wishes granted in this world. Asaph had afflictions, sorrows, being under valued ( sound familiar ) and hardships . He attended church and prayed and was shown the light of eternity as being God was not giving the wicked better, but those things would be destroyed in the end.


Have you taken anything for granted? Have you seen people advance in ways you thought were unfair? We have to stop 🛑 trying to keep up with the “Jones”; because they will have to give an account for their lives. Don’t focus on the stuff that others have : expensive automobiles, Rolex watches, furs, 💍 diamonds, etc. because non of those things will enter into the kingdom on judgement day. What are you taking for granted? Where will your precious soul spend eternity? Are you kind to your family, do you encourage others, would you give your meal to a hungry person? These are acts that show gratitude to our Heavenly Father. Zephaniah, was not a King, or someone with an important title attached to his name but he was royalty. His mission was to reiterate the message of God, telling people to stop worshipping statues and man made items. How better would your health and wellness be , if you were not consumed with the things of the world. Blood pressure would be proper, cholesterol would be on point, more loving towards others , respectful to the elderly and so on.


How do you express gratitude? As Asaph soon realizes, he was worried about others stuff and envying their possessions, he was less focused on himself. Move from taking things for granted to giving gratitude. God showered his undying love on Asaph, allowing him to realize that the most valuable things aren’t here on earth and don’t loose yourself on insignificant things. He then trust God to be his guide, and ultimate attainment. We too are only here for a short time, then we will go back to dust. Make it a priority to not take things for granted but show more gratitude. That was Zephaniah’s message as a final wake up call, gratitude. “Your attitude is your gratitude.” Healthyhustleandheart❤️

Believe in ……Again

Matthew 7:7 English Standard Version Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Let’s visit for some and revisit for others the classic movie “ The Wizard of Oz.” As a child, that was one of my favorite t.v. movies to watch. All of the children in the neighborhood would remind one another “Sunday night, the Wizard of Oz” will be on television. Usually, children would be outside playing marbles, riding bicycles, jumping rope: but on a good movie night , the neighborhood is quiet. Most of the people would be inside watching the movie. The character Dorothy is a young girl from Kansas who becomes separated from her aunt and uncle when a tornado hit their farm. Dorothy and her dog Toto awakens in a magical land called “Oz.”

She become aware that she must get back home to her family. She encounters a good witch who instructs her to follow the yellow brick road to meet the Wizard, who can get her back home. While walking the road Dorothy undergo a lifetime of lessons and experiences. She see a Scarecrow on her journey who says he need a brain. Dorothy invites him to tell it to the Wizard. As the three of them travel, they run into a Tin Man. He expresses his desire to have a heart. Dorothy invites him to join with them and just maybe the Wizard can give him a heart. They began to travel the road and arrive deep into the forest and encounter a cowardly Lion . After hearing the others stories, the Lion ask if he can come along and ask the Wizard for courage. As Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion, began to embark upon the inadequacies they feel are lacking in them, therefore seeking, they are met with numerous obstacles.

What’s your request in life? Are you similar to Dorothy or the other characters? Have you gotten off course and became separated from your comfort zone and desperately trying to find your way back home? Home could be family, friends, a relationship, a spiritual awakening, an apology, employment, addictions, optimal health and wellness, etc. Often times we take things for granted, until we are removed from the things we really need and desire. What things have you allowed to separate you from home? What about a senseless argument with your love one, and neither of you want to apologize, later realizing, you love each other and need to find a way back home. Some times, its the small things that separate us from being our best and living our best. What course or pathway are you taking to follow your yellow brick road? There will be obstacles along the pathway : Dorothy and her team encountered poppy fields, apple orchards, witches, haunted forest and winged monkeys. At any given event she could have given up on finding her way back home. She didn’t and neither did the others, with each obstacle they believed in getting what they sought . When the path wasn’t clear she believed in the words of the good witch, stay the course and you’ll meet the Wizard. They believed in the Wizard who could get them the desires of their heart. What do you believe in? Do you believe in ….your spouse, your children, the doctor, miracles, organic foods, a friend and God. I highly encourage you to examine your belief system. Is it fail proof? Allow me to tell you, just breathe. Take a deep breath . Matthew 21:22 ‘If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask in prayer’. I believe in God. (Creer en Dios) -Spanish Whatever your language God knows your situation. I encourage you to believe in God again. As you encounter life and the struggles and blessings you will face, believe in…… God, again and again and again. Watch all the endless possibilities unfold.

With the obstacles Dorothy and her team encountered , she finally met the Wizard. When she told him her desire to go back home, he gave her instructions to bring back the witches broomstick : knowing that it would only be surrendered upon the death of the witch. What are you asking for in life and who are you seeking to grant that desire? What’s being asked of you in exchange? Is it your health, peace of mind, morality, murder,dishonesty? The witches broomstick was brought back to the Wizard only discovering he’s a phony. Dorothy thought him to be some type of super human super power now realizing he’s and old man who admits he’s a humbug. He gave the Scarecrow a diploma, the Tin Man a ticking heart shaped clock, and the Cowardly Lion a medal . Making them aware that all the obstacles they encountered and always figuring out a successful path to keep moving forward and beyond the poppy fields, apple orchard, witches, haunted forest, and winged monkeys, they arrived to the end of their barriers. All those things they initially felt was missing in their life was realized that they had what they wanted all along, they just didn’t realize it . Are you asking and seeking something that you haven’t realized yet?. You are enough because you are everything that you need , you’re smart, intelligent, beautiful, handsome, articulate, important, worthy to be here, and that you deserve your seat at the table. Have you realized -God make no mistakes , you are fearfully and wonderfully made . “There’s no place like home …” there’s no place like home “. Creer en Dios, y tener confianza en uno. Welcome Home. Believe in ……..(your God created abilities) …….again.

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FROM THE GROUND UP – Building Strength


Isaiah 40:31. (NKJV) But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles. they shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.


How was your past week? Did you accomplish all that you started? Perhaps doing laundry, cooking dinner, visiting the sick, helping the children with homework, attending an important meeting or exercise classes? Were you intending on washing your car, tuning into your favorite t.v.program or a fantastic movie, writing that super important paper, spending time with your partner, or improving your computer skills?

If you didn’t complete all you needed to do , ask your self why not? Either time didn’t permit it or you became tired somewhere in the process. You was on a great schedule and soon realize , its late , and I’m too tired to continue. Have you ever whispered to yourself, Lord, have mercy, I need more strength to keep going.?


Before we can began the above tasks, we need strength and endurance to fulfill these duties. Just think about a tree, the roots are beneath the soil, but play a super important role in the life of the tree. The roots are the strength (nutrients and food supply) of the tree. Without the strength of the roots, there would be no tree. It all began from the ground up. Genesis 2:9 The Lord God made all the trees grow out of the ground…


As we seek our daily tasks of things to accomplish , don’t forget to ask the Father for strength.




I pray that this list will benefit and encourage you to seek Gods instructions on your life and know where your strength originates. It’s my desire that you challenge yourself and practice strength renewal techniques. This list I’m sharing with you is what I created and followed to make improvements in my life.


PLEASE check back next week for the new topic. Also , please leave a comment and share with others. Like, comment and subscribe to my newsletter. Thank You


Genesis 2:9 The Lord God made all the trees grow out of the ground. These trees were nice to look at, and their fruit was good to eat. The tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil grew in the middle of the garden. —GODS WORDS Translation

In the Bible , a beautiful Garden Of Eden was described : as having four water systems in the region, known today as Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. Imagine how beautiful the garden must have been? Along the banks of the river grew okra, tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkins 37 Easy Pumpkin Spice recipes Onions, cabbage, garlic and potatoes to name a few foods in the garden. All of these fruits and vegetables sound so yummy. In the Garden of Eden , the Lord God made the tree grow out of the ground. How creative and awesome is Gods creation? Think about this, when we stand up are we mindful of the solid mass of earth’s surface that supports us, its the ground? What does “ ground “ mean to you? What are you grounded to? What keeps you connected to something? Give It some thought . The Garden of Eden included trees from the ground (our support ). Soil, a black or dark brown mixture of nutrients that supply or feed the garden’s plants and trees. God meticulously created the trees – a tall plant with a trunk and branches made of wood. Trees can live for many, many years, the oldest has been reported to be five-thousand years old . Now, lets take a walk outside or look out your window , look at all the amazing trees. Go ahead, take a few moments, look at the trunk; its protected from damage by its bark. Are you protected? What protects you from damage ? It could be your skin, a weapon , your clothing, your love ones, your highly intelligent mind . Quickly , in all situations God has been my “bark”, when I rose this morning I didn’t have any doubt in who and what was the core of my protection. I’ve been protected from dangers seen and unseen. So grateful to be grounded and connected to the author of life.

The branches grow from the bark and spread to provide the leaves for adequate sunshine. The leaves are usually green and come in various shapes and sizes. The leaves absorb sunlight and uses water and food from the roots to grow and grow and re-grow. There’s one more part of the tree, we often don’t see, however its super important. Yes, you guessed correct, it’s the roots. The roots are underground which carries food and water from the ground via the trunk and branches and into the leaves of the tree. Let’s pause. Slow down, S. T. O. P !!!! Imagine yourself as a tree, what tree would you be? Would you be tall, as a mountain top or would you be small as a single rain drop? How would your branches look, in your branches book? Tell me about your leaves , are they full of nutrients to be home to the birds and the bees? Now, for the root, it is steadfast, unwavering and never moot.

If you could create your Garden of Eden , how would it look? Would you have one vegetable or many of various colors, shapes and sizes. Would you choose only a rose are would you have bluebonnets, tulips, kangaroo paws, carnations, pine trees, cherry trees and others? My garden would be symbolic of the people I know. I’m reminded of the words of Jesse Jackson -“Our nation is a rainbow, red, yellow brown, black ad white, and we’re all precious in God’s sight.” Growing in my garden would be some of the foods I was “grounded “on as a child. We had peach tree, pecan trees, pear trees, apple trees, okra, figs, and onions growing in the back yard. I didn’t really like figs but when my mom would add them into her cakes and pies ..oh yes it was transformation time and all my friends and neighbors ate them. What fruit or vegetable would you exclude from your list? Perhaps, it would be different if an alternative could be found to re-invent it, just as mom included the figs and once in the cake , I loved them. In Genesis 2:9 The Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground- trees that was pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (New International Version). Check back next week for the continuation of FROM THE GROUND UP! PLEASE leave a comment and share with others. Like, comment and subscribe to my newsletter Thank You

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What’s For Lunch?

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Matt. 4:4
What’s for lunch? Its common place for most people to prepare a sandwich for their lunch. There are a variety of sandwiches and bread items to choose from. Think about your favorite sandwich and how you like it prepared. What’s your favorite bread ? Is it Tortilla, Foccacia, Nana, Ciabatti, Chapatti, Brioche, Bagel, Soda bread, sandwich bread or some other type not listed ?
These breads and others are the beginning of the makings of a good sandwich. Usually, you add some type of meat, vegetable , fruit, and condiments. Once all these items are put together, that should be a good healthy hearty and delicious sandwich.
Now, lets reverse the process or disassemble the delicious hearty healthy sandwich we just created. How satisfying would the sandwich be for a meat lover without the meat? So, you have bread, vegetables, fruit and condiments. The question to be asked would be “ where’s the meat ?”. How satisfying would the sandwich be for a vegetable and fruit lover? So, you have bread, meat, and condiments . The question to be asked would be “excuse me, where’s the pickles, onions, lettuce , spinach ,and tomatoes?”. How satisfying would the sandwich be with all the above but no condiments to a ketchup, mayo, mustard, relish lover? Perhaps their response would be something like” this sandwich is dry, I can’t swallow it, I need something else with it.
What’s for lunch ? In the above scenario , our expectations of a good sandwich was met or satisfied. Have you ever thought about a spiritual healthy enrichment sandwich ? A what kind of sandwich ? I asked you about a spiritual sandwich , how are you feeding your inner soul , is it getting nourished ? We feed our physical body but often times neglect our spirituality. In Matt. 4:4 the bible says we can’t live on bread alone , we need the spirit of the word of God to sustain us when our physical strength is in check but our spiritual strength is being challenged. Our spiritual enrichment is on center stage in time of adversity , difficulty, affliction, sorrow, and distress. Have you fed your spiritual health to withstand such adversity? I challenge you to get a winning strategy to promote your spiritual well being . Lets have a SPIRITUAL SPREAD, to add to our bread. We can start with LOVE, God sent from above, Spread some JOY, now we’re cooking boy, add some PEACE it will never cease, look at all those layers, we will wrap it up in PRAYERS. Dearest God, thank you for your daily bread , thank you for your satisfying spiritual enrichment. Allow my life to be used in a healthy, valuable, beneficial and purposeful way. Teach me not only to live by bread alone but also with spiritual fulfillment and wisdom Amen

In The Beginning

Genesis 1:1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. As the new year has arrived , its a good time to began something . To begin, is to start or do the first part of something. How long has it been since you’ve awaited a new beginning? In the bible the book of Genesis 1:1, it begin with God created the heavens and the earth . This is a powerful scripture. It should remind one to always have hope. Its a passage to remind us that as one thing ends, keep your outlook and perspective on beginning something new.
How long have you been wanting to start something, perhaps a new relationship, an exercise program, reading an unfamiliar book, learning a different language , taking that deep breath into bungee jumping, going somewhere out of your comfort zone and with comforting love ones ? Have you had to make a heart-felt decision that your immediate circle of acquaintances wouldn’t understand or support your choice? Have you ever felt alone, even though you were surrounded by a room full of people? How about feeling devalued or struggling to complete a school or work assignment and told that it wasn’t good enough ? I think we’ve all had struggles and disappointments in life. I’m here to tell you today….in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. I’m saying each new day , we get a new beginning ; a new start at something . Embrace these new opportunities to create a new something! You can do it with God .
I remember my father teaching me how to ride my bicycle. This was in the days before helmets, elbow and knee pads were common or popular. Can you imagine that ? We’ve come a long way with safety requirements to protect our little ones. My dad rode my teeny – weeny bicycle , showing me how to begin operating my new toy. I was so eager to get on the bike and ride , immediately I tipped over and fell to the ground. My father picked me and the bike back up and held on to me and the bike slowly pushing me along while saying “ steady, steady ..keep the bike balanced …be careful and watchful “. When he removed his hands off the bike , again I fell to the ground, scratching my legs and elbows, but that wasn’t enough to stop me from beginning again. I had something to learn. Throughout the day, I had numerous falls and many scratches and scrapes, but more persistent and determined to ride my bicycle. The next day my falls were much less than the first day. There was a crack ( broken concrete) in the sidewalk and I didn’t know how to avoid it, BAM!!, yep, my front tire fell into the crack and yep, i hurt my knee, guess what, I got back up, my father wiped my leg and told me to go around the cracks in the sidewalk. I was running on excitement ,that once again I was back up and riding and this time when I approached the cracks in the sidewalk I knew to go around them. Within the week, no falls and even riding with my hands off the handle bars.
What’s the take-away to my story? Whatever you set your sight on the hardest thing is to begin. Genesis 1:1 be reminded that God has created a beginning, as a matter of fact many beginnings for your life. Whatever you’re facing , no matter how many times in the past you felt that you didn’t meet your desired outcome, keep going, keep re-inventing yourself and know you can begin again.
As the new year arrive, what new starts have you envisioned? Don’t allow the scrapes, scratches and cracks keep you from rising to your full potential . Take a deep breath…. begin another deeper breath….READY, SET, B E G I N, you’re a winner.