A Laugh, A Smile, and no Apologies

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Proverbs 31:25, New International Version

Smiling doesn’t always mean you’re happy. Sometimes it merely says that you’re a strong person.

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In the 1990’s Mariah Carey released Always Be My Baby with the lyrics, “We were as one babe For a moment in time. And it seemed everlasting That you would always be mine…..

This article is for you if you’ve ever laughed out loud. This is for all the smiles that life have given you: passing your classes, creating a masterpiece, saying sorry when it’s difficult to do, the new career, graduation, someone tickling you so hard your belly aches. This article is for public speaking that had your nerves on edge, telling someone goodbye, surfing, learning something new, and just being you. More specifically, I am writing to the one who has experienced the farewell of a loved one and remember the laughter, the smiles and have no apologies.

Shortly after Mariah Carey released the above song, I experienced the unexpected death of my 39-year-old husband. In previous months he and I talked about being organ donors. We agreed that yes, that would be a great thing to do.  My husband was a proud University Of North Texas graduate, he would always laugh and smile when he talked about his college life and experiences. He was a correctional officer with the federal government, he would share numerous stories of his life and challenges inside the compound. He was a great husband and father to our two daughters. He would roll around on the floor, chasing the girls around the yard, and when he combed the oldest daughter hair for school, he would laugh out loud himself as well as the neighbors and teachers at the school. He said “ well babe, when I walked into the classroom, the teacher laughed until she cried when she saw Eryn’s hair…  I laughed too and said, my wife has really been helping me, I’m trying to get it by doing it”.

My husband should have been a comedian. When we first met, he was “silly, “ and people were gathered around him listening to his jokes. › comedian jokes › Richard… He soon realized that I would laugh so hard at the comical things he would say, till it became second nature for him to interject comedy into most situations. He would even say funny things at church. One lady was singing her heart out in the choir, he put his hands over his ears and said, “ who told her to do that,“ please babe, “someone needs to stop her, she’s hurting everyone in here.”  We were at the altar on our knees praying, and the pastor prayed so long, he turned around and sat on his rear end and said: “Lord, help my poor knees to stop hurting.”  He often said, “you have to laugh, it keeps your heart smiling, people take life too serious.”

Are you taking life too seriously?  Can you stop sometimes and laugh out loud, go ahead, it might be the icebreaker you need.  Do small things become huge things, have you not smiled lately, are you over-committed, can you find a path to happiness?  When my husband passed away, I didn’t think that I could go on.  I thought we would grow old together and have many memories to share with our families. I didn’t have a job and didn’t know how I would support our children. I didn’t have a laugh or smile and was being asked “ when do you want to ( pull the plug ), he has no brain activity from an Aneurysm.

Then the next question was would you consider being an organ donor? I immediately said yes. Previous months we had talked about it; therefore the decision was made, I wanted to carry out his wishes. His mother strongly objected and said “absolutely no way, will my son’s organs be removed.” After fighting my way thru this decision, I signed the donor papers and felt that by donating his organs, he would live forever thru giving life to others.  I am a life-gift Ambassador who guide and educate others on this journey and path of life.  This decision has kept many smiles on my face when someone’s life is more complete and healthy. This decision has put me in touch with beneficiaries of organs which didn’t have much laughter in their lives. This decision has given me more laughter, more smiles and no apologies for giving life more abundantly. My laughs and my smiles, has been the result of my faith and being a Proverb 31:25 woman. My clothes are strength, dignity and no apologies.

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What’s Your Story? Here’s Mines

Welcome to healthyhustleandheart. I had the privilege of being featured in the UAW Region One Women’s Council Publication, The V.I.E.W ( Value-In-Every-Woman ). The VIEW is a news forum to empower, encourage, and enlighten women and men on current issues and trends. Below is what was featured. I would like to thank my correspondent Trina Crenshaw and the entire Region One area for reaching out to me and allowing my story to be shared with you.

Learn more about Region One. I’m so proud to be a member of the UAW. United We Stand. Solidarity FOREVER.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Do you have a story you’d like to share about your UAW Journey? Please send it to us. We’d love to publish it!

Cheryl Stubblefield is a member of the UAW -Local # 129, in Arlington, Texas. She has over twenty years of ex- perience in the automotive in- dustry and numerous years with the government, which both are pro union. She holds a business degree from Tar- rant County College and earned a second Bachelors de- gree from Texas

Wesleyan University.

Aside from her UAW affilia- tion, she is an author, speaker, musician and the founding writer and service provider for http://www.healthyhustleandheart.c om. This is an online website featuring healthy recipes, bib- lical devotions and overall wellness. “Our health is our wealth, I’m striving to provide health and fitness information that represents a wide variety of life styles and cultures. My goal is to provide unique con- tent that generates great con- versation, creativity and thrive on positivity and moti- vation.”

She spends additional time as UAW Local #129 Women’s

Committee Chairwoman, CLUW -GPA (Trustee) and Lifegift Organ Donation (Ambassador).

Cheryl is a widow, she has two daughters, and she is the author of two books on Ama- zon. 20 Easy & Quick Recipes to Lose 20 Pounds and 37 Easy Pumpkin Spice Recipes to bring Fall to your home all year around. She is currently working on her third book to empower women.


What you will need: 2 table- spoons of plain yogurt and add two drops of lemon or lime juice with it. Mix those items together and apply to your face and neck. Ten to fifteen minutes is a recom- mended time to leave on. Rinse completely off and enjoy the benefits of a smooth and lively appearance.


What you will need: 1 cup of hot really strong coffee, 1 tsp of vanilla extract, 1 cup of Al- mond milk, 1 tsp of sugar (your taste) 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp allspice, 1/2 tsp nut- meg, 2 tbs Irish liquor, 1/2 tsp

pumpkin spice. Mix milk, va- nilla and spices in a saucepan; heat but don’t boil. In favor- ite mug add half of coffee and sauce pan ingredients, liquor and top with whip

cream. Yummy, enjoy!


This one is quick and deli- cious. What you will need: Toast some bread, I like sour- dough. Remove avocado from its peel. Slice it up in a bowl add salt pepper, Parmesan cheese, a drizzle of olive oil mix it all together, place on your toast . Optional items are eggs, bacon, pork chops, turkey; it can serve as break- fast, lunch or dinner, be crea- tive and healthy. Enjoy

These are just a few ideas and suggestions to bring wellness and healthfulness into your life. Please visit my site for other suggestions and insights on keeping your wellness at its optimal state.


Question: What’s between Spring and Autumn?

Answer : Summer

Genesis 8:22

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

If you are looking for summer time fun ideas you’re in the right place. Are you looking for things to do with the kiddos, that’s fun, let’s get started. How about keeping your pets entertained, they want sunshine time fun too. We will explore quick and easy to fix nutritious sunshine treats to help you beat the heat.

SunshineTIME, the sun keeps us healthy. Did you know that the sun is the most important thing here on Earth? These are the many things the sun provide us with: heat, light, happiness, hope, energy and life via the green planets that sustain us. Can you think of others benefits from the sun? Wh click here

Six fun summer pet activities – – BluePearlBlue Pearl Vet › blog › six-fun-summer-…

What are some of your favorite summer ideas? I’m sure the list have you thinking and reminiscing on things to do.

How about a nice cool down treat ? Here is my lemonade recipe that my family adores. For more delicious recipes please visit click here.

Sunshine’s Secret Lemonade

One large pitcher of happiness two larger pitchers of smiles Combine both ingredients together and enjoy it all in style


  • 2 quarts of water
  • 3/4 cups of sugar
  • 1 Tbsp.honey
  • approx 4 large soften lemons
  • 1 cup of tea
  1. Slice soften lemons in half, squeeze you should have 1 1/4 cup of juice. Don’t forget to remove the seeds.
  2. Combine all ingredients into your favorite pitcher, stir it all together, add ice, lemon slices and style. Some options you can add …peaches, blueberries, cherries, etc. I can’t wait to here from you with your ideas and suggestions in the comment section of this article .

Let me know in the comment section if you liked this recipe.

Please share your recipes and you never know, you might be highlighted in an upcoming article. How cool is that ?

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Here are more healthy and nutritional snacks to keep SUMMER TIME fun alive 20+ Healthy Summertime Snacks – Yummy Healthy Easy .

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When we pray …..Oramos! Celine Dion

1 John 5:14 – This is the confidence we have in approaching God that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Do you like baseball , it’s even in the bible ? In the big inning. Eve stole first, Adam stole second. Cain struck out Abel. The Giants and the Angels were rained out . Lol. You get it?

Who was the smartest man in the bible? ( put your answer in the comment section)

Bible riddles – Faith in › bible-riddles

I started this article off with Celine Dion singing and next line a little humor, which is a mood or state of mind. When your week has been unsettling and disarranged, finding the silver lining can be to far in the distance, however a little joke or two might help bring balance to your life. This article is for those seeking spiritual awareness and wellness. This is for those who just need a little playful encouragement. This is for those who are seeking some brightness in their day to day routine. And for those who believe in the power of prayer : ( click here )

This week I’ve been led to write about prayer. This has been a busy week In so much that several family and friends of mine have experienced death and/or sickness in their lives or some other changes. Don’t be dismayed , prayer has been known to change things from darkness to light. Take a look at this 7 Things That Happen When We Pray – BeliefnetBeliefnet › ilovejesus › features › 7-thing…

After you’ve read this article , I’m highly encouraging you to start daily prayer for yourself as well as encourage others to pray. You may be seeking an answer to a family matter, job opportunities, traveling to an unfamiliar place, or health crisis. You may have been overlooked for a promotion, struggling with substance abuse, answering God’s call to the ministry or just a closer relationship with family and friends . What ever your situation is please know when we pray, we are aware that transformation can happen. When we pray, a new thing begin to grab our attention. When we pray, there is an honest desire for our situation to be different. What is prayer to you? Do you have a request for help or an expression of thankfulness? Here is a prayer The Lord’s Prayer – Our Father Prayer (Traditional Words)Lord’s Prayer words › lord_traditional_ki… After saying the Lord’s Prayer, or your own prayer, I pray that peace will be the outcome for you . Peace is calmness, tranquility and quietness. When we pray

peace can be found. Will you pray, will you allow a loving Father to be your guide?

It is our desire at healthyhustleandheart, that your wellness is optimum. Perhaps a song can help guide you through prayers and create a mental meditation for you . Keep your confidence in believing that with prayer all things are possible.

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Guide to GROWING the brain 🧠

What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in one thousand years? The letter M

Did you guess the correct answer? Throughout this article I’ve placed riddles to guide your brain to expanding and thinking of the correct answers. In the comment section after the article, send me your answer and let’s see how you answered the riddles. Let’s have some fun while growing our brain.

Proverbs 31:25-26 She is clothed with strength and dignity: she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom; and faithful instructions is on her tongue.

If you are looking for the secret to growing your brain and sustaining its balance for many years , this article is for you . If you enjoy humor in your learning, this article is for you. If you want to tell a joke or two to keep friends laughing while learning, this article is for you.

Many years ago my grandmother had a beautiful English-ivy plant she was growing. She had a small leaf and put it into a Mason jar. When we would visit her, the plant was twice as large as the previous visit. Soon she had many jars of ivy in her home. Every room in her home was decorated with ivy plants. They became a great conversation topic when guest would visit.

One day I asked my grandmother if I could have a piece of her ivy to grow at my house. She gladly jumped off her sofa and clipped me a piece of one with her scissors. She said be good to the plant and give it plenty of water and talk and tell jokes to the plant. Well my grandmother was an unpaid comedian. I said under my breath “ talk to a plant, I won’t do that” She was kind, lovely, CEO, doctor,great chef, hard worker, psychologist, social worker, human rights and animal rights activist (her life message was to be kind to those less fortunate) those were unofficial titles she wore. She had given me guidance on growing an ivy.

Several weeks passed and I noticed not much growth had occurred with my ivy. My granny asked me “ how’s your plant coming along?” I told her it’s growing a little bit. She said “it should really be doubled the size of when I gave it to you”. Many mornings I would run off to college, I would quickly water the plant and turn off my lights, returning 6-8 hours later. My mom told me I was killing the plant by not following her mother’s guidance and I had given the plant too much water and not enough light. She said “ mother told you how to grow and care for this plant “ she know what she’s talking about. My dad just said “ well it’s obvious you don’t have a green thumb neither do I”.

Weeks later, an unexpected knock on our front door, yep you guessed correct. It was my granny. She said she was in the area and thought she’d stop in and see how things were going. Later as she was starting to leave she said “ oh, let me see your ivy, I know it’s full and green”. She entered into my bedroom and screamed “ oh my Lord, the plant is almost dead, you haven’t taken care of it , it hasn’t grown at all”. She began to say” little plant I’m here to help you grow. I’ll get you back up and at it.” She started singing a song only she knew the words to and being gentle to the plant. My granny returned the next afternoon and repeated the process of all the guidance she had light hearted given me months previous; saying to the plant, “you’re a good plant, I think a small aspirin will make you feel better (she broke a aspirin in half and placed it into the ivy water) you’re beautiful, gently stroking the leaves and you’re gonna grow and I’ll put you into a full pot , you’ll be growing down the walls pretty soon. “ She even told jokes to the plant, like ; “one night , a King and Queen went into a castle. There was nobody in the castle, and no one came out of the castle. in the morning, three people came out of the castle, who were they?

I watched my granny do more with the growth of that ivy in one week than what I had done in two months. She really did have some secrets on how to grow things. She quizzed me over all the steps to helping my ivy grow. She said ok , “now you try it , remember to give it light as well as handle it with a light touch. “ Before long I was talking, singing and playing the piano to the ivy plant. I could see her turning her head away from me occasionally laughing and wiping joyful tears from her eyes as they rolled down her cheeks. She told me with most things in life , it’s the same process of growing ivy, I could hardly believe the growth of my plant a month later. But the lesson was that my granny was giving me smaller life lessons on human survival skills that I needed to develop and to be ready for the larger growth opportunities in life. She would say, “whatever you want to do or be , put it into your brain and make it happen.” Her brain growth secret – Be good and kind. Get plenty of water (be thirsty for growth). Keep a sense of humor and engage with people.

These were valuable tips my grandmother shared with me over thirty years ago. As I sit here to begin writing this article, I wanted to keep her spirit alive and pass her message forward. It is our hope that healthyhustleandheart has provided you with healthful, spiritual, wellness and meaningful content. Please like , leave a comment on your thoughts and suggestions in the reply section, and share this article with others to promote wellness throughout the world.

Guide to growing the brain:

^ Be good and kind -get plenty of physical exercise and keep the brain stimulated. Example : what belongs to you but is used more by others?

How can a man go 8 days without sleep?

Five reasons why being kind makes you feel good – according to …The Conversation › five-reasons-why-bei…

^Plenty of water (nutrients) – good nutrition can help the mind and body. A proper combination of healthy food can sustain the balance of the brain providing many years of valuable usage. Be careful not to over hydrate. That can be harmful instead of helpful. Example : “what does a brain do when it sees a friend across the street?”

Nutritional psychiatry: Your brain on food – Harvard Health Blog …

Socialization – being brain engaging and increasing awareness. Being present in the moments, laughter, humor, don’t allow everything to be too serious. Recreational activities are just as important as physical activities. Be sure to incorporate them into your life style. Example : “ I’m light as a feather, yet the strongest man can’t hold for 5 minutes. What am I ?Social Connection Makes a Better Brain – The AtlanticThe Atlantic › health › archive › 2013/

Now, you should be much smarter and a few ounces heavier from growing your brain. Don’t forget to leave your answers to be riddles in the comment section for me.

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1Peter 5:14. Greet one another with a kiss of love Peace be to you all who are in Christ.

Genesis 29:11 Then Jacob kissed Rachel, and lifted his voice and wept.

Exodus 18:17 Then Moses went out to meet his father-in-law, and he bowed down and kissed him; and they asked each other of their welfare and went into the tent.

Luke7:38 and stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment.

It’s that time of year again. It’s the Fourth of July. In America it is the day for our countries independence. If you are seeking a common bond with family, friends or others,looking to explore delicious healthy foods to prepare for this celebration, or seeking a scripture based theme of what the bible says about Independence Day, this is the channel for you.

What does it mean when you hear the word independence.? Freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, grilled foods, traveling, family, fun, off from work.? The list can be rather long. Independence is freedom from the control, influence, or support of others and having a comfortable livelihood. How independent are you?

If freedom and liberty was expressed in the colors of our flag , red, white and blue which would you be? How will you celebrate Independence Day? Will you have a red day? What’s a red day; fire, blood, high energy,cherries , tomatoes, strawberries. Red symbolizes strength, power and determination.18 Red Food Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Cocktail Hour Recipe | Bon AppetitBon Appétit › collections › slideshow › Eating By

Color: Red | Food Network Healthy Eats: Recipes, Ideas, and Food News | Food NetworkFood Network › healthy-tips › 2011/02

Will your independence be a white day? A white day is Angelic, peaceful, victorious, perfection,safety,

cleanliness, potatoes, cauliflower,and rice to name a few things associated with white.White Foods That Are Healthier Than You Thought| Reader’s …

Eat by Color: White Foods | Food & Wine

Will your independence be a blue day? A blue day is loyalty, strength, wisdom, trust, blueberries, blue corn, blue cheese, and the list can continue. 15 Blue Foods You Didn’t Know Existed – Spoon UniversitySpoon University › Lifestyle

Blue Food Roundup! | Kitchen Table › techniques › bl…

Red, white and blue, kisses a day, will help keep the doctor away. In the referenced scriptures, each one represented what freedom and patriotism meant to them, it was a sense of alliance with those they value. The common theme of this message is biblical greetings with a kiss. Just like it is so liberating to kiss delicious fruit, apples, peaches, plums it was just as customary for our biblical characters to be independent in their greetings with a kiss. Kisses have been said to promote self esteem, wellness, and a great health booster. It’s my hope that you find your liberating greeting and color it with a kiss of brightness. 8 health benefits of kissing – CNN – › health › upwave-kissing

Sending a warm felt “purple” kiss to you! (the colors RED, a little white, and BLUE)Healthy Red, White and Blue Recipes – EatingWellEatingWell › recipes › slideshow › health…

Have a wonderful Independence Day celebration. The freedom that we enjoy has been bought with others freedom, life, honor , land, money, sacrifices, food and health.

At healthyhustleandheart, food bear a historical significance in building bridges with others. Click the links above to explore some delicious recipes.It’s our hope that freedom and patriotism will share a common ground in a country we love and people we share this earth with.

What’s your ideas on celebrating Independence Day? What colors are your kisses? Why ? Please like , comment and share this post with others. All,reply’s are greatly appreciated. Thank you .

Look at the seek and find. How many words can you find , reply answer in the comments below. Healthy brain exerciser! Have fun

Want to try weight management delicious recipes? Click on this link :

No WAIT to losing WEIGHT

No WAIT to losing WEIGHT

John 11:35 “ Jesus wept “

Want to shed 1.3 calories per minute?

Want to reduce stress in your life?

Looking for ways to revive your spirit?

Do you want to sleep better?

Want to get rid of toxins in your body?

Seeking better social benefits and support?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I am writing this article for you.

In the Bible when Mary and Martha’s brother Lazarus had died , Jesus entered the town of Bethany. Martha said to Jesus “Lord if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” John 11:21.

You’re probably saying what does that scripture have to do with the subject? I’m glad you asked . As the scripture continues, Jesus wept, regarding the death of his friend. He then called out and raised Lazarus from the grave and said unto him take off your grave clothes.

Do you wish to be raised from your situation? Start calling things out. Are you weeping tears of sorrow, hurt or pain, take off your grave clothes. Is there disappointment, uncertainty, loneliness or grief, take off your grave clothes. Are you tossing and turning at night, take off your grave clothes. Looking for a healthier life of substance and balance, take off your grave clothes. We have been given the answer to life’s questions and challenges when Jesus wept. He wept for all the things that human kind would have to face and endure . He wept for us to remind us that there is hope and your tears can be wiped by a gracious and loving father. He wept to express his human touch and remind us that he knows our heart. He wept as an outward expression to those who don’t believe. I’m so happy that Jesus wept, because he has looked beyond many of my faults and didn’t with hold immeasurable blessings from me. I’m glad that Jesus wept, because during my Lazarus moments, ( burying my father, husband and mother) he wiped my tears away. Not only did he wipe away my tears he gave me a purpose and a promise. I’ve been rising and stumbling, but I’m standing today because Jesus wept for my situation and friends , he has wept for yours as well. Whenever Jesus enters a place or situation, he doesn’t leave it the way he found it. He turned water ( into wine ). He gave sight ( to the blind ). He went into a borrowed tomb ( he is not there). What have Jesus changed for you ? Start naming them.

Now, during the weeping of Jesus, guess what ? It is scientific evidence that tears are tied back into our health. Crying has a “no wait to loosing weight “ benefit. Yes, friends, Jesus even showed up in our moments of crying and still blessing us with healthfulness. What an awesome God we serve.

Are you truly being proactive about your health and wellness please read the following:

Cry It Out: 6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Shedding A Few Tears …

Vitamins for Eye Health | Foods for Eye Health | Think About …

Surprising things that burn calories – The List

Great recipes to keep your tears and weight lose healthy

Dark Leafy Green Recipes | GoopGoop › food › dark-leafy-green-recipes

Please click here!!

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These resources will help you in a crisis

These resources will help you in a crisis.

Keep reading to find what they are .

1 Thessalonians 5:11. – Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Have you ever found yourself faced with a crisis? You’ve faced a time of intense difficulty, danger, trouble , emergency, a disaster or calamity? I can honestly say I have faced difficult moments in my life. Perhaps you’ve experienced inclement weather alerts, Hurricane Katrina , Hurricane Andrew, California wildfires, motor vehicle accident, entering into a new country, wondering how you will feed your family, and don’t forget a medical crisis. What if you’re faced with the above difficulties and have a mental or physical disability? How successful would the outcome be if you’re enduring these crisis and experience a low -sugar attack or your vision is unreliable, or you’re an amputee, or don’t posses mental stability or sharpness? This greatly limits your ability to thrive and survive.

Years ago, I saw a high school classmate, he was our star quarterback with a promising future and received scholarships to attend top universities. As I approached him, I saw a white bandage on his head and he quickly walked passed me. I shouted “ hey, hey, Reggie , how are you, I can’t believe you walked passed me” , His brother who he was walking beside him said , “ excuse me who are you “? I said Cheryl, Reggie and I attended school together.” Reggie then said , “hey Cheryl , how’ve you been , I was in a hurry to get to the store before it closes write my number down and call me sometime”. I asked if he would be attending the school reunion, he said “no”.

I attended the school reunion, it was fun to see my classmates and inquire about our lives. Several class members asked about Reggie , I said oh I saw him a few days ago, he was at the mall. Gary said “ with whom” , I said his younger brother was with him. He then said “ok, cause he use to be walking in the middle of the street, almost about to be hit from cars passing by, he lost his vision to glaucoma” ( continued pressure in the eyeball that impairs vision) , I was in disbelief. I remarked , “ his head was wrapped with a bandage “, Gary said “ yeah, he probably had fallen again from not seeing the curb or steps” He get impatient from having to wait for his brother to be his guide, so he try to be independent.

The next day, I called Reggie and he told me how his life crisis had impacted him, not only had he lost his vision but he also was a diabetic (a disease that occurs when your blood sugar is too high) He said he didn’t do much because he was in denial, he wrecked his car and knew it was because of his unreliable vision, he acted “normal” but people knew he was faking something really serious, he felt depressed, and he couldn’t sustain mean jokes about his condition from insensitive people. I asked him if he sought professional help and looked into available resources he said he didn’t know anything about any services and how to navigate the system. I thought about what it takes to be a teams quarterback , Reggie was our teams quarterback , he was responsible for directing our teams offensive plays . He impacted so many lives and now his life is in need of a linebacker , some one to add value and call the defensive moves for him . I said to him -“Please don’t give up “. Psalm 31:24 – Be strong and take heart, all who hope in the LORD.

Perhaps, there are others who are facing some life crisis and feel hopeless, dejected, loosing will power to press on , I say to you, keep moving, keep praying, keep hoping. It’s in that hopeful state that miracles can happen. Do you believe there is a solution for your crisis.? Have you seen others rise up and out of their crisis, then take heart , that you too are apart of the miraculous rising crisis believing family.

Here are (7) services to aid in a healthier life,

You’ve lost your vision, or it’s greatly diminishing

National Federation of the BlindNational Federation of the Blind › home

DARS Programs and Services Have Transferred to New Agencies | Texas Health and Human Services – › hhs › advisory-committees

Service Animals | ADA National Network

You’re faced with a house environment lost. You’ve been impacted with a living situation American Red CrossAmerican Red Cross › home

A family member is in need of an organ to maintain a quality life . A family has lost a relative and want to give the gift of life to others Organ Donation, Organ Donor Registry |

Perhaps there are multiple life changing crisis you are faced withUnderstanding “Multiple Disabilities” | A Guide to the IDEA – Special Education GuideSpecial Education Guide › multiple-disab…

Some times we loose our ability to hear or was born with impaired hearing. There are new and innovative equipment available to promote communication and sustain a connection with others.Americans with Disabilities Act: Helps Those with Hearing Loss Too – Healthy HearingHealthy Hearing › Report

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This is how America’s hardest workers are spending their Father’s Day. How did you spend yours ?

How are you spending your Father’s Day? Family get together, preparing

dinners, worshipping together or relaxing at home? My father passed away several years ago, so I was sharing memories of him with my family. My husband passed away many years ago, I also was sharing his memories with my family. This blog is for fathers. For all others please show appreciation for-the many sacrifices from fathers for the many things they do to keep the family first.

With the laughter of these highlights I had to make a quick run to the store for a fruit tray to accompany the dinner I was preparing. As I entered the parking lot of the store , I heard festive music resonating throughout the parking lot. I parked my vehicle and followed my ear to the sound of this beautiful music. I discovered a man playing an accordion which sounded wonderful , but that wasn’t what my eyes focused on. It was the hand written sign above him , above the accordion, above the hot Texas pavement, even above the donation box, above the speakers is where my eyes rested. This father was captivating the essence of father’s day by creating work to provide for his family.

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