Union mind and STRIKING union Attitude?

Everyone regardless of their status or mental intellect has attitude.

Congratulations brothers and sisters who are picketing.

You have survived a huge milestone and it certainly matters. It matters because of the willingness you’ve shown in standing up for union attitude. It matters because you are a member of the solidarity class. It has been said : International Standard Version Eccl. 9:11

I considered and observed on earth the following: The race doesn’t go to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor food to the wise, nor wealth to the smart, nor recognition to the skilled. Instead, timing and circumstances meet them all.

This article is written for the brothers and sisters who are first time picketers. Many of the legacy supporters are aware of past experiences and tools that were needed and utilized. Legacy workers are those with seniority with the company. This is also written as a refresher article for the legacy workers. It’s my opinion that for one to be successful there has to be rules to succeed. Your success lies in your pride, dignity, and attitude. What’s your union attitude?

Pride is a deep feeling of pleasure derived from ones own achievement. Pride is being confident and having self respect. I’m sure you can think of something you achieved that gave you great pride. Perhaps it was finishing high school, enlisting in the army, building a model airplane, cooking a holiday meal, offering and apology, or standing up for the disabled or buying food to feed the hungry.

Pride and Prejudice is a 1797 novel written by Georgian era author Jane Austen. It’s about wealth and who could posses this wealth. Men were the only inheritors of wealth and if women had wealth it was by marriage. Elizabeth is the main character, who has four sisters whom the mom is seeking marriage for them. Several gentlemen callers approach Elizabeth, however she refrains from accepting their proposal.

In this novel it exams the customs and culture of this era. To be prideful wasn’t a good attribute to have . During this time, If one was proud it was said to “ think that you’re better” than others, and you didn’t interact well with others. Prejudice was thought to have a” preconceived idea”about someone and making assumptions about their character. In today’s terms, pride is a good thing to possess. How does these two words impact your decision making skills?

Dignity is defined as worthy of respect and an honorable rank. It overlaps with pride, as in a sense of dignity and pride of one’s self. For the first time picketers, know who you are and what you represent. To have a dignified union attitude is is to be reminded that you are a part of a family, in so much that you are connected to a group of like minded people. As with family, there should be unity. I’ve observed that the spirit of family shines bright whenever there’s a commonness and connection in purpose. While on the picket line, keep focused on your purpose of why you’re there.

Attitude is how you think towards people, places , things and situations. Having a positive attitude is imperative to getting through difficult and stressful situations. You are a first time picketer, let’s get started. It takes a lot of courage.

1. Build up your confidence by knowing, you can do this.

2. Take care of yourself. Proper diet, clothes,and alertness.

3. Remind yourself, “I’m in for the win.”

4. Stay connected to others, remembering your purpose.

5. Don’t become distracted

6. Keep in mind be enthusiastic

7. Visualize the outcome of why you’re doing this

Integrity is your standards. It’s about the quality state of being unified, whole and undivided. When you have a measure of integrity it’s a conviction of doing the right thing. It’s like what I learned and recited as a child in Sunday School. It was referred to as the golden rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is necessary while on the picket line. For survivorship and purpose to be realized, high standards must be practiced.

Integrity is necessary for all involved. If everyone has a four hour strike time slot, it’s important that the team adheres to this. What example would a worker be showing if s/he left early from their assignment. Their integrity is called into question and the team has been compromised. Be a person of your word and adhere to the golden rule. Union attitude is that thing that “each one, teach one.” Engage with others and get to know one another.

First time picketers, a word about union attitude and appearance. What is your message? Write it down and make it plain. Displaying your signage is necessary and impactful. It’s what the public sees. Your banners, signage and other messaging items should reflect your cause to action. Be creative as well as direct with what you’re doing.

What you wear speak volumes. Affiliation and perception is half of the battle of the strike. Our clothes reflect a standard and connection to others who are in support of the cause. Our clothes reflect solidarity. Not only is there a commonality with the group and a sense of pride, it also effects the public. It’s effects others by identifying who we are and garners support for our movement to action.

Many years ago, there was a group of workers going to Black Lake, Michigan for training. The group was wearing their union gear, t shirts, jackets and caps. A very visibly panicked sister approached the group, breathing heavy, holding papers and dragging heavy luggage, shouted “ are you all with the union?” Several ladies heard her desperate shout, stopped and said “yes.” The sister sat on her tallest luggage in the middle of the airport floor, to compose herself. She wiped a few tears and said “ I’m here alone, never have been on a union trip, scared and I didn’t know what to do, upon arriving in Detroit.” She said she felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and wishing to be back home. During her despair, she looked up and saw an array of brothers and sisters wearing union clothes and a big smile. She quickly introduced herself to each of us and asked “ can I stay with y’all?” She was so overwhelmed and with emotion and gratitude. We asked her how did she know us, she replied “ from the clothes y’all were wearing .” Needless to say, to this very day we all remain connected and unified. I can’t emphasize the importance of union appearance. What you represent, and the message you echo is being shared with others.

First time strikers, you have arrived. You are here and present. As in the novel Pride and Prejudice, it is a learning experience and proposals could be rejected. It’s also important to know that it carries great value. Remain hopeful and engaging. Welcome to your future, a stage of embarking upon endless possibilities. A stage upon reflections of pride,dignity and attitude. This is a time of life changing commitments, courage and confidence. Proudly wear your badge of integrity as in being unified and undivided. Proudly wear your badge of integrity as in whispering the golden rule during times of uncertainty. Visualize the outcome as in Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, by knowing everything you need lies within you. Now, you have a Union Mind and Striking Attitude. In solidarity forever.

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