Consent To Confidence & Rock Your World.

Consent To Confidence & Rock Your World.

Hi there, I wrote this book to announce to women that they are wonderful. A quote I saw by Eleanor Roosevelt, “ No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I’m suggesting you read my book, Consent To Confidence & Rock Your World.

Each person has their own style and charm. Often times we as women are so bombarded with our daily tasks that we lose our selves and our ability to see how wonderful we truly are. When we get overwhelmed our decision making ability isn’t as sharp and on point. A regular occurrence of self doubt can leave us at a deficit of self confidence. If you deposited, $100 dollars in your bank account and you make daily withdrawals of $20 dollars, after that fifth withdrawal what do you have left? A few pennies in interest if you had a good bank plan, however you soon realize “ I can’t make pennies do dollar jobs.” This is how our confidence can be withdrawn, we’re running too low on confidence deposits.

Ways to increase your confidence. Do not allow a lack of self-confidence to prevent you from living a fulfilling life and accomplish your God-given destiny. Low self-esteem has its origin in fear. Mahatma Gandhi stated “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear.” Fear os a tool used by the devil to stop you from being effective as a Christian and it manifests as depression, confusion, indecisiveness and lack of faith.

I’m here to introduce an enriching book I’ve just released. If you are seeking biblical references, introspections, “ice breaking” questions for a newly formed group of people, and a plan of action, read this book. This is a great way to examine your life’s plans and began a journey to success. I’ve included relatable stories and how others found their confidence in leading productive lives. I believe that you also can be who you were intended to be, by adding a little more confidence to your life.

Your confidence began with small steps, that can lead to larger steps. The hardest decision is removing fear and taking a leap. Is it easy, “no”, however in retrospect I hope you say it was “ worth it.”

Can I count on you to be a confident person, get your copy today and began your journey?

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