Wages and Salaries

I had the opportunity to be an elected delegate from my UAW local union. I attendedSpecial Bargaining Convention in Detroit, Michigan. March 11-14, 2019.

Upon arriving from the Detroit Airport, I had reservations at the Marriott Renaissance Center. It’s located in a mega center, shared with General Motors Hdqtrs,Starbucks, Chase Bank, AT&T, Sprint, CVS, Burger King, Volt Bar and numerous other business establishments.

Healthy hustle and heart is a site that promotes healthfulness in creative ways and finding your space to be the best version of yourself. Speaking and sharing critical thinking and being positive is a part of your health life balance. When we talk, we are breathing. Breathing promotes added benefits to your health, such as it alleviates stress, improve confidence, and can improve blood circulation.

Does wages and salaries affect your health ? Should advocating for a better wage promote a better quality of living? These are debates that are being addressed to create standards of living, family values and work life balance.

This video represents my healthy morning routine. Are there ways you can get a healthy work out completed ?

Good Morning, Good Morning, I am Cheryl Stubblefield. I am from the V-Cap winning region 5. My awesome and empowering Director is Mr. Vance Pearson and his awesome assistant is Mr Darrel Coulter, my fabulous and illustrious President is Samantha Conde, and my chair is Julia Jordan Davis.

Wages and the relationship between what one does and what one receives, that is our wages.

Ask yourself, what do you want to be known for? We Are One.

Wisconsin is known for their cheese.

Texas, that’s our long horn state.

Detroit, how about the car capital of the world.

California, is known for their avocados.

Delaware, is the first state to ratify the Constitution.

Illinois, is known to abolish slavery, they had the first skyscraper, aquarium, and our first African American President Obama, launched his political career there.

Iowa, the highest literacy rate.

Kansas, home of the first female mayor.

Massachusetts, same sex marriage licenses were issued.

Mississippi, the first lung transplant.

Nebraska, is known for their state motto “ Equality before the law”

The UAW -United Automobile, Aerospace, Agricultural implement Workers of America, is one of the largest and most diverse unions in North America. With more members in virtually every sector of our economy. Our unique strength of UAW is solidarity, between active and retired members.

Romans 4:4 says : Now to the one who works, his/ her wages are not counted as a gift, but as his/ her dues. In Leviticus, you shall not oppress your workers or your neighbors, because you don’t want to rob them.

I stand in agreement of this resolution, I am asking my brothers and sisters to join me and as our Executive Director and President has already stated We Are One, and we deserve fair and equal wages for all. Thank You !

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10 thoughts on “Wages and Salaries

    1. Thank you Jeanettea for your beautiful comment. We are one, when we realize that we are stronger together. Feel free to share this post with others.


    1. Thank you very much. Maintaining our health is very important and our health is our Wealth. Feel free to share this post with others.


    1. Thank you for your comment. At healthy hustle and heart we strive to bring updated and current issues to keep you engaged.


  1. Wow. This tops the list of inspirational articles I’ve ever read and I’ve read many. You’ve surpassed yourself just by remaining steadfast and faithful!! Kudos to and for you. Onwards and upward you go. And your taking people with you. Much love and many blessings!!!!


    1. Thank you. Your inspiring words “ onwards and upward”, that says a lot. Remembering that people are the driving force behind the world becoming a better place. It is my belief that “ we are stronger together”


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