Are You Bored? Here Are 6 Things To Add Excitement To Your Life

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Genesis 1:1

Things To Do When You Are Bored Pinterest

Here’s a very creative joke, “A toothless termite walked in a pub and asked, is the bartender here”.

How creative are you? You may not have something as large a world to create, but perhaps you can create a series of small heavens in your world. Do you enjoy making things, saying funny jokes, being a leader in the creative space? This article is for those people who thrive in making and sharing their creativity. If you’re seeking some ideas because you’re bored, this is the perfect channel for you to view for ideas.

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Heart Wallpaper

Ok, let’s get started, get up, dress up, put on a happy smile. Say a positive devotion, like, I’m ready to create excitement in my life or someone’s else’s. Two thumbs up to creativity.

Learn A Craft

My creativity started many years ago in learning to crochet. Need some inspiration, here are my some of my creations. Once you get motivated, who knows where your creativity will take you. Post your creations in the comment section below.


Flex Your Vocal Chords

When I was young and bored my school had a singing group. We would usually start the morning off in song. Throughout school and into adulthood I always participated with a group of singers, usually in the church choir. Singing can be very therapeutic and creative in adding your unique voice to the selections.


Get The Kiddos Involved

As the season began to change, the children are inside and the boredom began to set in. How about letting them help with the cooking, if they are young, start out by letting them add an ingredient to the meal. They will like to crack the egg into the bowl, (get the shells out before mixing it with the other ingredients, lol,) allow them to add the milk into the cake recipe etc. 40 Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids – DIY Kids Crafts and GamesGood Housekeeping › craft-ideas › how-to. Have fun and keep that creative spirit alive.


Throw The Party Of The Century

How about throwing a family/friend party. Bringing people together can be creative and fun. Share ideas and perhaps a have a themed gathering. With this will bring new and exciting ideas. Themes for Parties – Theme Party Ideas for Adults – ShindigzShindigz › theme-party-supplies


Design Your Own Clothes

Something that I enjoy is creating interesting t-shirt designs. This is a great way to show off your style and fashion taste. Who knows, a small business may take off for you with a little bit of creativity. Design A Typography T-Shirt With A Free Tool Online


Start A Blog

Have you ever wanted to blog? That’s the thing that’s going around. A great resource to get you started is: How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul. Blogging has been a fantastic way to share what I’ve learned about health and fitness with all of you. It has also given me an outlet for finding new ways to express my experiences on this fitness and spiritual journey.


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