IS there a QUEEN in the house ?

“A woman is like a tea bag- you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water”. -Eleanor Roosevelt.

The above quote is from Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the 32nd President of the United States of America.

This article is written for all the girls who are little princesses. This article is for the princesses who remain that and those who are becoming queens. It’s exploring the healthy mentality of being all that you can be and traits that are beneficial to being “it”. Have you recognized your inner self and being comfortable with “it”? Who do you believe you are? Who do you really believe you are ?

In a recent blog I wrote an article entitled BELIEVE IN..again. I made references to the classic movie , “The Wizard of Oz.” Dorothy was a young lady who became separated from her familiar surroundings from a terrible storm and had to find her way back home. Think back in earlier years of your life, when you had a vivid imagination. Perhaps , you were three or four years old and you believed you could be Cinderella. You believed that Santa would bring all the toys you dreamt about, or you could eat the entire bag of chocolate kisses,or no concept of why you fell asleep however thinking you could play in the sand box forever. Imagine how you thought about counting the stars in the sky at night or catching fireflies or wondering why you couldn’t fly like a bird, swim like a fish, or out run a lioness. As you grew up , did you ask yourself are these things possible if you look at “it” again.?

The word “it” is used to represent an inanimate thing understood, previously mentioned, or about to be mentioned.

What is “it” that defines you? Do you believe “it?” To believe is to accept something as true. The fairy tail story, Cinderella had a rough beginning with her step mother and step sisters after the death of her father. She was reduced to being the servant for the family, cooking , cleaning, scrubbing floors and the chores no one else was required to do. As the story unfolds she becomes the princess at the ball. I’m sure she had dreams of getting beyond the servitude role, dreams of meeting a Prince Charming, and endless kisses. Perhaps her dreams of greatness was her nightly lullabies. Were their thoughts of escaping into the sky and flying over the rainbow or imaging herself a Triggerfish ( often regarded as one of the most intelligent fishes around) ? Did she ever foresee this ending, was it per chance she went from the pit to the palace, did she believe she could be “it” a queen? Is there a Queen in the House? What are your desires and how are you preparing for “it”?

Eleanor Roosevelt can be compared to the folk tale Cinderella. Both lost their parents at an early age. Eleanor was sent to London to study and became very fluent in French and advocating for women issues and rights. She was very proactive with “it”. Is there a Queen in the House ? It has been said that her life was complicated , with a disruptive mother in law , a cheating and paralytic stricken husband, a public life and appearance of wellness to keep together. Wow, this is a lot on her plate , not to mention that she was a mother of six children.

Being a queen is beyond full time duties. It’s a “supercalifrgilticespialidocious” life. Yes , from your earliest existence the making of a queen has existed. All your treatment has aided in the development of queenship. When your dad gave you gifts, was kind to you, talked and communicated in “princess talk”, being loving and complimentary to you. All of these things are ingredients needed in the making of a queen.

I remember when I was 11 years old, I baked my first cake, all by myself. I thought I had all the ingredients for the cake. I baked my cake and it flopped. It looked like a pancake . My older sisters laughed and refused to taste any of it. My mom told me to add strawberries on top of it, she said that would make it pretty. I was so sad that no one wanted my cake . My dad came into the kitchen to see what all the chatter was about, once he realized what was happening , he sliced the cake and ate it. He said it was delicious and ate another slice. All his actions were creating a Queen for the future.

Is there a Queen in the House? If you are : Quintessential- exuding the pure essence of your being. Ubiquitous- existing or being everywhere . Empowered -give someone the authority or power to do something. Exquisite- elegant, extraordinary, fine,y done or made. Necessary- achieved or present, needed, essential. Then without any doubt, you are the queen in your house. Keep being magnificent, because there are princesses watching you, which will grow to be queens.

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