A Laugh, A Smile, and no Apologies

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Proverbs 31:25, New International Version

Smiling doesn’t always mean you’re happy. Sometimes it merely says that you’re a strong person.

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In the 1990’s Mariah Carey released Always Be My Baby with the lyrics, “We were as one babe For a moment in time. And it seemed everlasting That you would always be mine…..

This article is for you if you’ve ever laughed out loud. This is for all the smiles that life have given you: passing your classes, creating a masterpiece, saying sorry when it’s difficult to do, the new career, graduation, someone tickling you so hard your belly aches. This article is for public speaking that had your nerves on edge, telling someone goodbye, surfing, learning something new, and just being you. More specifically, I am writing to the one who has experienced the farewell of a loved one and remember the laughter, the smiles and have no apologies.

Shortly after Mariah Carey released the above song, I experienced the unexpected death of my 39-year-old husband. In previous months he and I talked about being organ donors. We agreed that yes, that would be a great thing to do.  My husband was a proud University Of North Texas graduate, he would always laugh and smile when he talked about his college life and experiences. He was a correctional officer with the federal government, he would share numerous stories of his life and challenges inside the compound. He was a great husband and father to our two daughters. He would roll around on the floor, chasing the girls around the yard, and when he combed the oldest daughter hair for school, he would laugh out loud himself as well as the neighbors and teachers at the school. He said “ well babe, when I walked into the classroom, the teacher laughed until she cried when she saw Eryn’s hair…  I laughed too and said, my wife has really been helping me, I’m trying to get it by doing it”.

My husband should have been a comedian. When we first met, he was “silly, “ and people were gathered around him listening to his jokes. Jokes4us.comJokes4us.com › comedian jokes › Richard… He soon realized that I would laugh so hard at the comical things he would say, till it became second nature for him to interject comedy into most situations. He would even say funny things at church. One lady was singing her heart out in the choir, he put his hands over his ears and said, “ who told her to do that,“ please babe, “someone needs to stop her, she’s hurting everyone in here.”  We were at the altar on our knees praying, and the pastor prayed so long, he turned around and sat on his rear end and said: “Lord, help my poor knees to stop hurting.”  He often said, “you have to laugh, it keeps your heart smiling, people take life too serious.”

Are you taking life too seriously?  Can you stop sometimes and laugh out loud, go ahead, it might be the icebreaker you need.  Do small things become huge things, have you not smiled lately, are you over-committed, can you find a path to happiness?  When my husband passed away, I didn’t think that I could go on.  I thought we would grow old together and have many memories to share with our families. I didn’t have a job and didn’t know how I would support our children. I didn’t have a laugh or smile and was being asked “ when do you want to ( pull the plug ), he has no brain activity from an Aneurysm.

Then the next question was would you consider being an organ donor? I immediately said yes. Previous months we had talked about it; therefore the decision was made, I wanted to carry out his wishes. His mother strongly objected and said “absolutely no way, will my son’s organs be removed.” After fighting my way thru this decision, I signed the donor papers and felt that by donating his organs, he would live forever thru giving life to others.  I am a life-gift Ambassador who guide and educate others on this journey and path of life.  This decision has kept many smiles on my face when someone’s life is more complete and healthy. This decision has put me in touch with beneficiaries of organs which didn’t have much laughter in their lives. This decision has given me more laughter, more smiles and no apologies for giving life more abundantly. My laughs and my smiles, has been the result of my faith and being a Proverb 31:25 woman. My clothes are strength, dignity and no apologies.

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6 thoughts on “A Laugh, A Smile, and no Apologies

  1. I love this article, I was telling Tasha (my daughter) that sometimes I felt silly because I love to laugh. I won’t even date a guy that doesn’t or can’t make me laugh. The word says laughter does good like medicine.
    Reading about Derrick makes me wish I’d gotten to know him better, what an awesome guy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ylonda . I agree with you , laughter is good medicine for the soul. Keep reading and watching for more inspirational topics to bring wellness into your life.


    1. You’re so welcome. Please feel free to share this download gift with others. I know that God has given me a purpose and a plan to be encouragement to others . Again, I’m glad you’re a active and regular supporter of this channel.


  2. Thanks again for the laugh 😆,smiles.🙂and no apologize 😞. Yes you are a proverb 32:35 Women.
    Have a blessed rest of your evening. 🙏🏿😇

    Liked by 1 person

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