No WAIT to losing WEIGHT

No WAIT to losing WEIGHT

John 11:35 “ Jesus wept “

Want to shed 1.3 calories per minute?

Want to reduce stress in your life?

Looking for ways to revive your spirit?

Do you want to sleep better?

Want to get rid of toxins in your body?

Seeking better social benefits and support?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I am writing this article for you.

In the Bible when Mary and Martha’s brother Lazarus had died , Jesus entered the town of Bethany. Martha said to Jesus “Lord if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” John 11:21.

You’re probably saying what does that scripture have to do with the subject? I’m glad you asked . As the scripture continues, Jesus wept, regarding the death of his friend. He then called out and raised Lazarus from the grave and said unto him take off your grave clothes.

Do you wish to be raised from your situation? Start calling things out. Are you weeping tears of sorrow, hurt or pain, take off your grave clothes. Is there disappointment, uncertainty, loneliness or grief, take off your grave clothes. Are you tossing and turning at night, take off your grave clothes. Looking for a healthier life of substance and balance, take off your grave clothes. We have been given the answer to life’s questions and challenges when Jesus wept. He wept for all the things that human kind would have to face and endure . He wept for us to remind us that there is hope and your tears can be wiped by a gracious and loving father. He wept to express his human touch and remind us that he knows our heart. He wept as an outward expression to those who don’t believe. I’m so happy that Jesus wept, because he has looked beyond many of my faults and didn’t with hold immeasurable blessings from me. I’m glad that Jesus wept, because during my Lazarus moments, ( burying my father, husband and mother) he wiped my tears away. Not only did he wipe away my tears he gave me a purpose and a promise. I’ve been rising and stumbling, but I’m standing today because Jesus wept for my situation and friends , he has wept for yours as well. Whenever Jesus enters a place or situation, he doesn’t leave it the way he found it. He turned water ( into wine ). He gave sight ( to the blind ). He went into a borrowed tomb ( he is not there). What have Jesus changed for you ? Start naming them.

Now, during the weeping of Jesus, guess what ? It is scientific evidence that tears are tied back into our health. Crying has a “no wait to loosing weight “ benefit. Yes, friends, Jesus even showed up in our moments of crying and still blessing us with healthfulness. What an awesome God we serve.

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