These resources will help you in a crisis

These resources will help you in a crisis.

Keep reading to find what they are .

1 Thessalonians 5:11. – Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Have you ever found yourself faced with a crisis? You’ve faced a time of intense difficulty, danger, trouble , emergency, a disaster or calamity? I can honestly say I have faced difficult moments in my life. Perhaps you’ve experienced inclement weather alerts, Hurricane Katrina , Hurricane Andrew, California wildfires, motor vehicle accident, entering into a new country, wondering how you will feed your family, and don’t forget a medical crisis. What if you’re faced with the above difficulties and have a mental or physical disability? How successful would the outcome be if you’re enduring these crisis and experience a low -sugar attack or your vision is unreliable, or you’re an amputee, or don’t posses mental stability or sharpness? This greatly limits your ability to thrive and survive.

Years ago, I saw a high school classmate, he was our star quarterback with a promising future and received scholarships to attend top universities. As I approached him, I saw a white bandage on his head and he quickly walked passed me. I shouted “ hey, hey, Reggie , how are you, I can’t believe you walked passed me” , His brother who he was walking beside him said , “ excuse me who are you “? I said Cheryl, Reggie and I attended school together.” Reggie then said , “hey Cheryl , how’ve you been , I was in a hurry to get to the store before it closes write my number down and call me sometime”. I asked if he would be attending the school reunion, he said “no”.

I attended the school reunion, it was fun to see my classmates and inquire about our lives. Several class members asked about Reggie , I said oh I saw him a few days ago, he was at the mall. Gary said “ with whom” , I said his younger brother was with him. He then said “ok, cause he use to be walking in the middle of the street, almost about to be hit from cars passing by, he lost his vision to glaucoma” ( continued pressure in the eyeball that impairs vision) , I was in disbelief. I remarked , “ his head was wrapped with a bandage “, Gary said “ yeah, he probably had fallen again from not seeing the curb or steps” He get impatient from having to wait for his brother to be his guide, so he try to be independent.

The next day, I called Reggie and he told me how his life crisis had impacted him, not only had he lost his vision but he also was a diabetic (a disease that occurs when your blood sugar is too high) He said he didn’t do much because he was in denial, he wrecked his car and knew it was because of his unreliable vision, he acted “normal” but people knew he was faking something really serious, he felt depressed, and he couldn’t sustain mean jokes about his condition from insensitive people. I asked him if he sought professional help and looked into available resources he said he didn’t know anything about any services and how to navigate the system. I thought about what it takes to be a teams quarterback , Reggie was our teams quarterback , he was responsible for directing our teams offensive plays . He impacted so many lives and now his life is in need of a linebacker , some one to add value and call the defensive moves for him . I said to him -“Please don’t give up “. Psalm 31:24 – Be strong and take heart, all who hope in the LORD.

Perhaps, there are others who are facing some life crisis and feel hopeless, dejected, loosing will power to press on , I say to you, keep moving, keep praying, keep hoping. It’s in that hopeful state that miracles can happen. Do you believe there is a solution for your crisis.? Have you seen others rise up and out of their crisis, then take heart , that you too are apart of the miraculous rising crisis believing family.

Here are (7) services to aid in a healthier life,

You’ve lost your vision, or it’s greatly diminishing

National Federation of the BlindNational Federation of the Blind › home

DARS Programs and Services Have Transferred to New Agencies | Texas Health and Human Services – › hhs › advisory-committees

Service Animals | ADA National Network

You’re faced with a house environment lost. You’ve been impacted with a living situation American Red CrossAmerican Red Cross › home

A family member is in need of an organ to maintain a quality life . A family has lost a relative and want to give the gift of life to others Organ Donation, Organ Donor Registry |

Perhaps there are multiple life changing crisis you are faced withUnderstanding “Multiple Disabilities” | A Guide to the IDEA – Special Education GuideSpecial Education Guide › multiple-disab…

Some times we loose our ability to hear or was born with impaired hearing. There are new and innovative equipment available to promote communication and sustain a connection with others.Americans with Disabilities Act: Helps Those with Hearing Loss Too – Healthy HearingHealthy Hearing › Report

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