This is how America’s hardest workers are spending their Father’s Day. How did you spend yours ?

How are you spending your Father’s Day? Family get together, preparing

dinners, worshipping together or relaxing at home? My father passed away several years ago, so I was sharing memories of him with my family. My husband passed away many years ago, I also was sharing his memories with my family. This blog is for fathers. For all others please show appreciation for-the many sacrifices from fathers for the many things they do to keep the family first.

With the laughter of these highlights I had to make a quick run to the store for a fruit tray to accompany the dinner I was preparing. As I entered the parking lot of the store , I heard festive music resonating throughout the parking lot. I parked my vehicle and followed my ear to the sound of this beautiful music. I discovered a man playing an accordion which sounded wonderful , but that wasn’t what my eyes focused on. It was the hand written sign above him , above the accordion, above the hot Texas pavement, even above the donation box, above the speakers is where my eyes rested. This father was captivating the essence of father’s day by creating work to provide for his family.

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Please hit the share button , give us a like 👍and tell me in the comments below how you spent your Father’s Day ? Let me hear from you .

2 thoughts on “This is how America’s hardest workers are spending their Father’s Day. How did you spend yours ?

  1. Blessings to all the hard working fathers past and present. I’m so blessed to have a father that worked so hard to provide so much. Thank you Almighty Father for all you have done in my life and for giving me such a wonderful Dad. Happy Fathers Day !!!!

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