7 Things To Do

7 Things to Do

I’ll begin with seven (7) words. I am choosing a path to happiness.

Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Hello everyone (Hola a todos) Spanish

I will be sharing with you over the next several weeks, my series of 7 Things to Do. Be sure to check back every Wednesday for more exciting news on this series of 7 Things to Do, It’s my desire to add health and wellness into your lives and usually I began with a devotional thought to get you encouraged,motivated and mentally alert. We can begin engaging our mental health by thinking more critical about your purpose in life and how to choose a path of happiness. If you are seeking ways to improve your health, wellness, motivation, and new ideas, then you’re in the right place. Why is this a great channel for you , because now is a good time to invent or re-invent yourself to add fullness and completion into your health. I’m a firm believer that your health is your wealth. How do you keep your health strong? I’m glad you asked, by being positive and proactive with the food choices, environmental choices and life choices we choose. In a nut shell , you are the manager of you. How well are you managing your building? The things we see, hear, believe,do,share and say are all apart of that building. Can you agree with that? Can you recite the 7 words that I introduced and try to remember them to gain clarity and guidance on ways to fulfillment? I want to help shape and share some things that can give you a purpose and a pathway to success.

Please subscribe , comment , like 👍👍 and tell others to do like wise. Now let’s get started on 7 Things to Do series .

Week 1 – 7 ways to say “hello”

(1). Hi -the origin of this word Middle English, usage in the 15th century.

It’s used as a greeting. I just called to say “hi”.

(2). Howdy – the origin of this word 1837 recorded Southern. U.S.

It’s and informal greeting. It’s thought to be a shorten version of “how do you do”. At the Dallas, Texas State Fair, Big Tex, says “ Howdy, Welcome folks!”

(3). Good day – the origin of this word is Middle English, It’s a formal greeting used during the day to mean hello or good bye. “Have a good day, sir”

(4).What’s up – the word originated in America , usage begin in the 1970’s a casual greeting that’s usually a conversation introduction. “Hey guy, what’s up.” It believed to be derived from the question “ what’s the update”

(5). Bonjour – the origin of the word is French. bon (good) jour (day). I entered the French bakery and the chef said “bonjour, mon ami !” Greetings, friend .

(6). Hey – word origin usage. British, German, French, Swedish…..

This word has multiple meanings , indicating surprise, dismay, discovery, or trying to get someone’s attention. “Hey, there , how are you doing today?”

(7) Hello – the origin of the word Middle French 1560-70. It’s used to express a greeting , answer a telephone call, or get someone’s attention. Hello , will you be attending the meeting today ?

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