What was Adam thinking.?

Proverbs 16:24 – Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones .

In the book of Genesis, Gods first man Adam was created and given a created world.. The stars, moon and heavenly bodies were created. The sea creatures filled the water in abundance. There were birds , animals, vegetables , plants and fruit trees. Wow, just imagine all of that ? You awaken to a land of milk and honey, of melons and seafood, A world of good clean air and endless running springs of water. A world of peace and harmony. A world of abundance and overflow. Could you imagine or think of anything more?

Imagination is the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful. The world we are currently living in is full of imagination. Cell phones, automobiles, air conditioning, jacuzzi, language, clothing, hospitals, medicines, cultures, even outer space. What would Adam think about all of these new creations and inventions today ? During his time he had all the latest and greatest ? That’s a question to think about . To think is to direct ones mind towards someone or something . To think is to ponder, consider, and deliberate. What has your signature creation on it? Are you and artist who painted a picture of beauty? Perhaps you’re a chef and have prepared a meal of divine elegance. What about a teacher and the student finally understand the algebraic equation. These are only a fraction of Gods greatness and ingenuity. What were you thinking about when you enrolled into the university, the new career move, discovering the endless possibilities of a relationship?

When I think about Adam and all the things he had access to and then having a”a-ha moment”. Here’s what I imagine Adams conversation with God would be

Adam : Hello Lord, ( hola senor) Spanish

Lord. : Hello Adam ( hola Adan)

Adam : Lord; you’re my friend, you’ve given me more than I ever imagined. I have

clean air,delicious fruits and vegetables, all the fish,crab, lobsters,

Lord. : Yes, Adam , this land and everything here is yours

Adam : Stuttering, but…oh..Lord..I’m so grateful…and I..I…I well

Lord. : Yes, Adam, what are you lacking?

Adam : Glad you asked FATHER!

Lord. : Father, you created a new word Adam?

Adam: No Lord, you created me in your likeness and image , BUT..I’m lonely

Lord : You’re quick and to the point. I know just what you need . Go to sleep and

dream, think and imagine what it is you desire . This will be a masterpiece.

Adam : ( peaceful dreaming ). A face like a peach with dimples divine. A mind so

sharp , that’s quick and on time. A body to touch with an awesome behind.

Yes , let there be hips, lips and fingertips. What was Adam thinking ?

Lord : Adam , Adan, hey my man, wake up to the masterpiece of all time.

Adam : Nobody Does it Better . My soulmate, backbone, rib, wife, partner, flesh

of my flesh, mother of all mothers, ( Madre )

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