“Walkie Out”

John 8:6-8 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. 7) – So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. 8) – And again he stooped down to write on the ground. King James Version ( KJV)

This might sound like an unusual title to many people. In the prison environment, common words are often embellished to have new meanings and usages. Here are some examples: If you have a room mate, it’s called a “roomie”. If someone is from your home town, it’s called a “homie”. Are you seeing the correlation.? If you’re walking to the chow-hall (dining hall) or other activities,what is that person that’s with you called? Yes, correct, it’s your “walkie”.

Ruth was a beautiful young 23 year older from a small west Texas town. Her lifetime dream was to be an attorney. She was the eldest of five sisters. She enrolled into the local university soon after high school graduation. She breezed through her freshman year and even made the Deans List. Shortly into her sophomore year of school her dad died unexpectedly and he was working long hours paying for her education. During the summer months she worked in hopes of earning her Fall semester tuition. She began doing errands for her neighbors, such as laundry, pet walking, grocery shopping, crocheting items, you name it she attempted it. While assisting her neighbor one afternoon she came across her mail and saw an envelope with a check inside of it. She stared at the check and then put it into her purse. She unwisely thought this was the answer to her prayers and it will keep her in school, so she cashed the neighbors check. A few months later tuition installment was due again, she repeated the check cashing and this continued for seven more occasions taking other neighbors monthly government checks from their mail boxes.

Ruth was arrested and she received a eighteen month sentence in “the Big House” federal prison. Wow, a bright young lady with a even brighter future came to a stop.

What she had done began to set in, she had lost her dad, the oldest of her siblings and wanted to desperately be an attorney. This was definitely not what she had planned or even thought would happen. After a few weeks of being incarcerated she applied for a job in the prison library. This allowed her unlimited access to the books and periodicals upon arrival.

John was an elderly man in his eighties, who was doing a life sentence for numerous federal offenses. His eyes soon caught the lonely Ruth who was usually reading books in the library.. They soon became daily “walkies”, she saw him as a fatherly figure, who gave her guidance and encouragement. John had terminal cancer, but once Ruth came into his life, it was said that his health appeared to be improving. She even wrote the parole board requesting a reduction in his sentence so he could die at home with his family present by his side.

Ruth’s release date was rapidly approaching. She had secured a waitress job awaiting her arrival to west Texas. Days before her release from federal prison, John’s parole decision arrived, his family had flown into town a few days earlier, with hopes of taking him back home with them. He was considered a high risk and therefore his release was denied. John’s wife, a beautiful lady with a Jackie Kennedy Onassis look, she exuded such poise and grace during her visit. Ruth’s family was also visiting. Both families was present thinking that good news of Johns release would be celebrated jointly. John, being who he was said “ well, there’s some good in all of us,I’ll live out the rest of my days as well as I can. I’ve travelled all over the world, have dined in the finest restaurants,have had expensive wines,and did some bad things with awful consequences, I now attend chapel on a regular basis and I am deeply sorrowful for things I’ve done,let’s be happy for family and friends”. He accepted his fate and wanted to perhaps make atonement for his choices and life of crime. John, then turned to Ruth and said, promise me, that you’ll never come back to prison, you’re young , smart and I know you made a poor decision all in trying to get your education. He told her I’m never getting out of here alive but I want to help your life and do a service that perhaps will outlive me and benefit many. John paid for Ruth’s education and told her to look out the window, he had purchased her a brand new Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and arranged for her to have a monthly stipend. He wanted to close the financial gap in her life to never deter her from finishing her law degree. He believed she could and often told her to make it happen.

After a little more than a year of being released, Ruth visited John in prison and brought her credentials as they walked out into the prison garden area. He was so proud of her , she continued to visit elderly John for a few more years and had many ( Walkie Out ) talks until he died in prison.

Friends, God has our lives in His control. Do you feel stuck in a situation and can’t find your way out? Have you been given a bad hand? Have society written you off as a looser, hopeless, unforgiving, or dis inherited.? Jesus wrote on the ground to remind us that “dirt” will be washed away. Do you believe that? Who have you forgiven ? Change is always painful. See yourself as the change you want to be,by taking steps in the direction of your desires. Be with those who offer encouragement and support. Take a piece of paper, write down your discomforts and let go of those weights that are holding you down. Let them go. Just like Ruth’s situation , she made poor choices however God had a ram in the bush. Many people may try to condemn you and hang you on the cross, but please remember the scripture, ye without sin , cast the first stone. There are no stone throwers on earth. You are worthy and deserving of Gods best and favor, no matter how the journey started , you and only you can change the direction. You will become what you think about. Matthew 15:28 – then Jesus answered her, woman, Great is your faith! Be it done to you even as you desire.

I am so thankful for your continued loyalty and support of this channel. I ask that you keep healthyhustleandheart in your thoughts and please share this site with others and like and subscribe.

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