Taken for granted to giving gratitude

The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save: this is the opening verse to Zephaniah 3:17 in the English Standard Version (ESV).


Have you ever felt as if you’re being taken for granted ? Has someone under estimated your value and worth? Let’s say you’re asked to participate in a project, and you’ve given it your all and your team mates know it , however the honor is given to the person that contributed the least to the team. What about all the sacrifices and long hours you’ve given to finish the charity drive and it’s business as usual. Don’t mention the love, dedication we give our families,friends and love ones. Often times it’s taken for granted the role you play in keeping things together.


Let’s look at Zephaniah. You probably aren’t that familiar with this minor prophet in the Bible. That’s why I wanted to highlight him . Perhaps you can see yourself or someone who reminds you of him. Others may take you for granted but the lord will honor your deeds and sacrifices towards HIM. We’ll come back to this point.

Now, Psalms 73:23-26. It starts with .. Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand… ( please read in its entirety ) Asaph envied the wicked, his eyes revealed that they prospered and had all their wishes granted in this world. Asaph had afflictions, sorrows, being under valued ( sound familiar ) and hardships . He attended church and prayed and was shown the light of eternity as being God was not giving the wicked better, but those things would be destroyed in the end.


Have you taken anything for granted? Have you seen people advance in ways you thought were unfair? We have to stop 🛑 trying to keep up with the “Jones”; because they will have to give an account for their lives. Don’t focus on the stuff that others have : expensive automobiles, Rolex watches, furs, 💍 diamonds, etc. because non of those things will enter into the kingdom on judgement day. What are you taking for granted? Where will your precious soul spend eternity? Are you kind to your family, do you encourage others, would you give your meal to a hungry person? These are acts that show gratitude to our Heavenly Father. Zephaniah, was not a King, or someone with an important title attached to his name but he was royalty. His mission was to reiterate the message of God, telling people to stop worshipping statues and man made items. How better would your health and wellness be , if you were not consumed with the things of the world. Blood pressure would be proper, cholesterol would be on point, more loving towards others , respectful to the elderly and so on.


How do you express gratitude? As Asaph soon realizes, he was worried about others stuff and envying their possessions, he was less focused on himself. Move from taking things for granted to giving gratitude. God showered his undying love on Asaph, allowing him to realize that the most valuable things aren’t here on earth and don’t loose yourself on insignificant things. He then trust God to be his guide, and ultimate attainment. We too are only here for a short time, then we will go back to dust. Make it a priority to not take things for granted but show more gratitude. That was Zephaniah’s message as a final wake up call, gratitude. “Your attitude is your gratitude.” Healthyhustleandheart❤️

13 thoughts on “Taken for granted to giving gratitude

  1. Good Noon Food!
    Psalms 91:6: Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

    Thanks Friend for Thought

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    1. Thank you Moni for being supportive of this channel . It’s my goal to add engaging content on a regular basis


    1. Thank you KIRK for helping to make this channel a huge success . It’s my desire to keep bringing meaningful and engaging content to my audience


  2. Thank you for this piece. I do often feel this way but I remember to always pat myself on the back and keep God first. My attitude of gratitude is more powerful than I think.

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    1. Thank you Ebony for your comment. It’s my desire to bring healthfulness and wellness into the lives of those on healthyhestleandheart.com. Please keep this channel in mind and tell others about its usefulness.


    1. Thank you Anita for your insightful comment. Keep viewing this channel and thank you for helping to make healthyhustleandheart.com a huge success .


    1. Thank you Barbara for commenting and reminding us : Our focus should be on our soul salvation . It’s my desire to bring engaging materials to the world .


  3. This was loaded I got so much out of it.
    And I love that I could listen to it hearing your voice and expressions, plus I like to take notes so that allowed me to do that.
    I love the way it all tied back up to our health.
    I definitely need to separate myself from the world as in watching too much TV. So true that our health would be better if we were not so concerned with the the things of the world.
    Thank you so much Ms Stubblefield❗️

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    1. Thanks Ylonda for your insightful comments. It is my desire to continue to bring healthfulness back to our core. Continue to watch this channel for more useful tips on living a healthy life


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