Delayed doesn’t denote Denied Part 2

An Olympic triathlon is 1.5 kilometer swim, 40 kilometer bike ride, and a 10 kilometer run. Another way to look at it ( 400-500meter swim, 12-15 mile cycling, and 3.1 mile run). Great knowledge , skills and training are necessary to be competitive. Satan wanted to have some fun with God by entering Job into the GOT competition. Wow, can you imagine this feat, no training , however your name is called upon to enter the GOT. It’s been reported that Job was about 70 years old at this time. Ready, set, go! GOT has begun , the swim – a few of Jobs children were eating and drinking wine and a strong wind came and collapsed their house onto them, they are killed. Job didn’t stop . Jobs servants enter his home and tell him that all his sons have died. Job kept the faith and continued the race. How many of us would have stopped long before this point , being met with sorrow and heartache? Loosing all ten of your children to circumstances out of your control, this would delay many of us. Before Job could really bounce back fully from such horrific circumstances he’s now moving into the cycling portion of GOT. He looses his livestock (money). Satan cranks up the heat on Job, wishing for him to loose faith in the Almighty God . Job continues the race. Could you endure these setbacks in life? How strong is your faith when things have taken a different direction than your initial plans ? Can you totally trust God’s plans? When you have faced so many unforeseen delays, remember , it doesn’t denote denied. Through the storm, run your race, through the high wind, run your race, through the rain, run your race and through multiple burials can you still withstand and endure the race before you? I believe you can because you’re in the race , with God you can finish the race ! Let’s keep going, we’ll soon be in the “running portion of the race.”

Job have no living children, all his servants are dead, no livestock, no money, what do you do? Satan still looking for a win, more challenges are in store for Job. When you think surely, there’s nothing else, oh yes , now Jobs health is targeted……

Have you ever thought about how valuable is your health? How does a paper cut affect your life, a broken fingernail, a knee skid on the baseball field, a routine flu shot, or a tooth extraction? Job had “elephantiasis” is a symptom of a variety of diseases, where parts of a person’s body swell to massive proportions. He developed sores over his body. With this amount of suffering, Jobs faith decreases and increases. Have you ever felt strong one minute and with each passing moment you felt your strength diminishing ? Should anything less be expected from a man who was entered into a triathlon somewhat unprepared? How long could you stand under these circumstances? Job questions God about fairness and justice, God doesn’t answer, the race continues. Think about your friends, the ones who’ve been by your side through it all. They have been your everything in life. Now, they too began to talk foolishly saying “ bro, you need to stop, quit the race, you’re loosing and you must have caused God to afflict this hardship on you, confess your wrongs and get out this race.” Job watched his long time friends walk out of his life. He’s so broken at this time but utters

Job 19:25 – ‘I know that my Redeemer lives” When life has been harsh and seemingly unforgiving, can you say “ I know that my Redeemer lives? Keep going, the race isn’t over , or you bitter or better?

Job is still running the race. With all that has happened in his life, he and his wife are alone. Proverbs 18:22 – He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD. God placed this wife into his life to be a helper, however she began to deny God. She tells Job to (curse/bless) God and end his life. Satan perhaps was beginning to feel that he had the lead and possibly the win/victory.

What’s your mindset, what are you thinking? There is a reason and a purpose for how the Almighty God deals with us. In Jobs thinking as some of us, we try to defend our position and our thoughts. This triathlon was permitted by God, he knows our strengths and weaknesses. Satan, foolishly thought he had a chance to defeat our God. When you’re on Gods team, you’re on the winning team. God is wishing for your success and wanting to elevate us to heights we’ve never thought possible. Things are sometimes delayed-slow to see your victories, and elevation but trust the process, in Gods time; your delays doesn’t denote denied. When we start on a path it doesn’t always began or end the way we thought. People and their motives can be revealed and sometimes its not a pretty picture. When we enter the race of life, we will be met with obstacles, storms, valleys, mishaps, victories, defeats but please know God has your life (your entire life) in His hands. He permit the ups and downs and all teachable moments to occur for our good. We sometimes have to let precious people and things go, in order to get something better. Even Job, a man of great patience, lost all his children, his servants., his home, land, money, livestock, his health, and eventually his wife.

Through it all Job won the GOT competition, he held onto his faith. It brought with it new mercies, new opportunities, new beginnings. You may have been delayed for that promotion, a speaking opportunity, luxury vehicle, having a family, a cruise or even the event you’ve trained for BUT…stay in the race, it doesn’t mean you’ve been denied.

Have a GOT (Great Olympic Triathlon) winner mixer PUMPKIN SPICE LIQUEUR

1 tsp. of whole clove, 1 tsp, of whole allspice, 3/4 tsp.of white pepper. 1 cup of water, 4 cinnamon sticks, 1 whole nutmeg. 1 thinly sliced ginger. 1 whole nutmeg. 2 cups of sugar. *vodka optional- 2.5 cups * FULL RECIPE in 37 Easy Pumpkin spice Recipes to bring fall to your home all year around

2 thoughts on “Delayed doesn’t denote Denied Part 2

  1. I’m so Blessed by your articles on Wednesday’s.
    I look forward to them and it’s always an on time word for me. It’s good to be reminded that my entire life is in God’s hand, and that He permits ups and downs in my life as teachable moments and not as a means of punishing me..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen , THANK YOU so much for your comment . With words of encouragement like this , I will continue to run my race . With God all things are possible . Please continue to share this site with others 🌹


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