Delayed doesn’t denote Denied

Delayed doesn’t denote Denied

Job(13:15) “Though HE slay me, I will trust in Him” Part 1

Have you ever started something and it took a different direction than your initial plan? A thought that I recall is baking a cake. I had all the correct ingredients -1 cup of soften butter, 6 large eggs, 2 cups of sifted flour, 1 1/2 cups of sugar and flavoring. I combined the ingredients in a bowl and baked my cake. To my surprise my cake didn’t look or taste quiet like my mothers. She asked me “what did you do”, I replied I used the recipe you gave to me. I repeated my process to her, she said “baby, you didn’t sift your flour, that’s why your cake is too heavy.”

Have you ever started something and it took a different direction than your initial plan? Have you ever been delayed by a train, most of us know how frustrating that can be? So many things in life can happen that causes delays and denials.

What about an important exam, and a flat tire delays your time of arrival, your wedding party not arriving to the venue timely, saying for many months you’ll get your body back in optimal healthfulness. How about being denied entrance onto the airplane with a pre-purchased ticket only to be told the flight was overbooked. Does any of these delays/denials sound familiar? Did these delays or denials make you bitter or better? Be encouraged : Romans (8:28) “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Be encouraged. Ser alentado ( Spanish )

Delay is someone or something late or slow. Example-Did the scheduled train delay you, or were you slow leaving for your schedule? Denied is refuse to give or grant something requested to someone. Example-The airline denied entrance on flight #30 but put the passenger on flight #31 causing a delay in boarding. What inconveniences have you faced? What was your reaction? How understanding and tolerant were you when the mishaps weren’t your fault? Have you ever suffered an ill-fate due to someone else’s negligence or perhaps benefitted? Did you respond the same way in both situations , probably not. Why is that we complain with others fault but our faults we quickly move on?

Let’s look at an athlete who has been training for the Olympics. The athlete has been training for years and qualifies for the finals. One small delay with catching the skater results in her falling, therefore denying a first place victory. One small delay in running on ( your mark, get set )GO!!, can deny your anticipated outcome. A gymnast hand slipping off the balance beam, or a few seconds delay with landing the triple axel skating jump can both result in a gold,silver or bronze medal not being awarded. Years of preparation and training can all end in a few seconds. Any of these mishaps can certainly create frustration. How would you overcome life’s obstacles? We witness the pain, defeat, injury, setbacks,wins, and other emotions these athletes face when watching the event on television. Are you bitter or better?

When I think about the emotional range of these athletes from disappointment,anger,bitterness,anxiety,devastation,heartache,etc. I’m reminded of the biblical figure Job (1:8)- “Have you considered my servant Job?” Please allow me to give a few highlights about Job. His name denotes persecuted and patience. Job had a wife, seven sons, three daughters,he had friends, he had servants,very wealthy,miles and miles of land, livestock(cattle,hogs,goats) and he was a man of extra ordinary patience and resilience, lastly he loved the Almighty God. Can you think of any modern day Jobs? Because of the above qualities , Satan entered , I’ll name it a Great Olympic Triathlon (GOT)! My opinion , anything with God truly on board : it’s GOT to be great . Would you agree ? Have God been on your team and victory wasn’t the outcome, it may be delayed but it’s not denied. Wait for it …………. tune in next week to continue……..

If you like this please leave me a comment in the reply section after the articles. It’s my desire to bring meaningful healthfulness, pride , conversations and encouragement into the world. See you next week , and thank you for your interest in heathyhustleandheart❤️

6 thoughts on “Delayed doesn’t denote Denied

  1. Thank you so much for this encouragement. Delay does not mean God is keeping something FROM us. He is keeping us FOR what He has for us at His perfect time.


    1. Thank you for your comment and encouragement. Please continue to view my site and spread the message of healthfulness and greatness . Blessings to you 🌹


    1. Thank you for your comment. It is important and well received. Thank you for your support and sharing the articles with others🌹


    1. Thank you Vincent. It’s my desire to bring healthfulness and happiness into he world . I’m fulfilling my purpose while I can . Again , thank you for your support . Please tell others and share my devotions … ❤️


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