What’s For Lunch?

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Matt. 4:4
What’s for lunch? Its common place for most people to prepare a sandwich for their lunch. There are a variety of sandwiches and bread items to choose from. Think about your favorite sandwich and how you like it prepared. What’s your favorite bread ? Is it Tortilla, Foccacia, Nana, Ciabatti, Chapatti, Brioche, Bagel, Soda bread, sandwich bread or some other type not listed ?
These breads and others are the beginning of the makings of a good sandwich. Usually, you add some type of meat, vegetable , fruit, and condiments. Once all these items are put together, that should be a good healthy hearty and delicious sandwich.
Now, lets reverse the process or disassemble the delicious hearty healthy sandwich we just created. How satisfying would the sandwich be for a meat lover without the meat? So, you have bread, vegetables, fruit and condiments. The question to be asked would be “ where’s the meat ?”. How satisfying would the sandwich be for a vegetable and fruit lover? So, you have bread, meat, and condiments . The question to be asked would be “excuse me, where’s the pickles, onions, lettuce , spinach ,and tomatoes?”. How satisfying would the sandwich be with all the above but no condiments to a ketchup, mayo, mustard, relish lover? Perhaps their response would be something like” this sandwich is dry, I can’t swallow it, I need something else with it.
What’s for lunch ? In the above scenario , our expectations of a good sandwich was met or satisfied. Have you ever thought about a spiritual healthy enrichment sandwich ? A what kind of sandwich ? I asked you about a spiritual sandwich , how are you feeding your inner soul , is it getting nourished ? We feed our physical body but often times neglect our spirituality. In Matt. 4:4 the bible says we can’t live on bread alone , we need the spirit of the word of God to sustain us when our physical strength is in check but our spiritual strength is being challenged. Our spiritual enrichment is on center stage in time of adversity , difficulty, affliction, sorrow, and distress. Have you fed your spiritual health to withstand such adversity? I challenge you to get a winning strategy to promote your spiritual well being . Lets have a SPIRITUAL SPREAD, to add to our bread. We can start with LOVE, God sent from above, Spread some JOY, now we’re cooking boy, add some PEACE it will never cease, look at all those layers, we will wrap it up in PRAYERS. Dearest God, thank you for your daily bread , thank you for your satisfying spiritual enrichment. Allow my life to be used in a healthy, valuable, beneficial and purposeful way. Teach me not only to live by bread alone but also with spiritual fulfillment and wisdom Amen

3 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch?

  1. Yes and amen, once we except the call of God he will feed you ,and carry you , enter act with you every day ,he will test your heart and thank God he chose the heart because that’s where he sees if our focus is on him that’s what gives even God understanding it’s so amazing thank you my sister let’s spread the word and be fit will all be fed

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