In The Beginning

Genesis 1:1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. As the new year has arrived , its a good time to began something . To begin, is to start or do the first part of something. How long has it been since you’ve awaited a new beginning? In the bible the book of Genesis 1:1, it begin with God created the heavens and the earth . This is a powerful scripture. It should remind one to always have hope. Its a passage to remind us that as one thing ends, keep your outlook and perspective on beginning something new.
How long have you been wanting to start something, perhaps a new relationship, an exercise program, reading an unfamiliar book, learning a different language , taking that deep breath into bungee jumping, going somewhere out of your comfort zone and with comforting love ones ? Have you had to make a heart-felt decision that your immediate circle of acquaintances wouldn’t understand or support your choice? Have you ever felt alone, even though you were surrounded by a room full of people? How about feeling devalued or struggling to complete a school or work assignment and told that it wasn’t good enough ? I think we’ve all had struggles and disappointments in life. I’m here to tell you today….in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. I’m saying each new day , we get a new beginning ; a new start at something . Embrace these new opportunities to create a new something! You can do it with God .
I remember my father teaching me how to ride my bicycle. This was in the days before helmets, elbow and knee pads were common or popular. Can you imagine that ? We’ve come a long way with safety requirements to protect our little ones. My dad rode my teeny – weeny bicycle , showing me how to begin operating my new toy. I was so eager to get on the bike and ride , immediately I tipped over and fell to the ground. My father picked me and the bike back up and held on to me and the bike slowly pushing me along while saying “ steady, steady ..keep the bike balanced …be careful and watchful “. When he removed his hands off the bike , again I fell to the ground, scratching my legs and elbows, but that wasn’t enough to stop me from beginning again. I had something to learn. Throughout the day, I had numerous falls and many scratches and scrapes, but more persistent and determined to ride my bicycle. The next day my falls were much less than the first day. There was a crack ( broken concrete) in the sidewalk and I didn’t know how to avoid it, BAM!!, yep, my front tire fell into the crack and yep, i hurt my knee, guess what, I got back up, my father wiped my leg and told me to go around the cracks in the sidewalk. I was running on excitement ,that once again I was back up and riding and this time when I approached the cracks in the sidewalk I knew to go around them. Within the week, no falls and even riding with my hands off the handle bars.
What’s the take-away to my story? Whatever you set your sight on the hardest thing is to begin. Genesis 1:1 be reminded that God has created a beginning, as a matter of fact many beginnings for your life. Whatever you’re facing , no matter how many times in the past you felt that you didn’t meet your desired outcome, keep going, keep re-inventing yourself and know you can begin again.
As the new year arrive, what new starts have you envisioned? Don’t allow the scrapes, scratches and cracks keep you from rising to your full potential . Take a deep breath…. begin another deeper breath….READY, SET, B E G I N, you’re a winner.

6 thoughts on “In The Beginning

  1. Hi I just got an opportunity to read the message you sent me yesterday and as I read it reminded me of when I first met you I could see you as the person that I’m always described you to be I began my beginning just as she spoke and you are right they are young lady here in different levels in this life and you have knowledge of that you’re right there we all have a chance to pass Keep on living in God he will keep on teaching you comforting you giving you please chastisement at times and love most of allfor who you are

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    1. Thank you Darl . I’m so happy to share the words of our lord to the masses . Keep watching for new updates … be continued


    2. Sister you always know when to speak, when to text and when to say something that every woman, man or child needs to hear and believe. Thank you for being YOU.

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      1. Shirley. Thank you for your wonderful comment . Life is short , I’m living my purpose by encouraging others to be happy , healthful , and grounded . As always , I appreciate you so much !


  2. I remember teaching my children at a young age Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.My youngest daughter was try to get or reach for something one day. I told her she couldn’t do it. She immediately told me Philippians 4:13 mama I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I have always told them you are in training ground or boot camp how to depend own God in everything. So Thank you for renewing our mind by sending these message putting God in everything we do!! May he continue to shine in your heart and life.

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    1. Thank you for a beautiful testimonial. May you continue to know that with God , all things are possible , when you believe . It’s my desire that healthyhustleandheart continue to be a beacon of light during your life journey.


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