Welcome To 2018!

We should all want to be healthy . Our mind, body, and soul. Being healthy not only in our mind (perception), body (physical structure) and soul (psyche) but extend that to our thoughts words and deeds.
The first part of a new year, many people embark upon resolutions. Such resolutions usually consist of loosing weight and being healthier just to name a few. Last year I pursued the goal of loosing pounds and wrote a book on Amazon 20 Quick and Easy Recipes and was successful with it.
This year my resolution is to share healthful devotions Plan A Healthy Life and mind readiness to bring confidence and happiness into my life and others.
We should all want to be healthy in our minds , Philippians 4:8 We should be aware of all the things we think about and place into our minds . Decide your mental health by the things we let control our thoughts . What are some things you would like to envision ? Sharpening your parenting skills, creating a garden , spending time with the elderly , learning how to prepare delicious meals, becoming more active in your church and community or perhaps writing that book you’ve written a thousand times in your mind . What I envision for this year is to be the best version of myself which entails continue my fitness journey ,join new communities, and continue to improve my writing skills .
We should all want to be healthy in our body. 1 Corinthians 10:31 We should be aware of all the things we put into our bodies. When I started preparing my mind for the weight loss challenge last year that I entered it took great mind control and determination . It consisted of daily devotions and prayers to stay on course with the foods I needed to consume to get my body in shape . After eight weeks of staying on course I was thirty pounds lighter and won the challenge I had entered.
We should all want to be healthy in our souls 3 John 1:2 When you think of “soul”what comes to your mind? Perhaps you’ve pondered the thought of what happens to our souls at the end of life. When you hear songs being sung have you said “wow she has soul” in her singing . When you visit a southern state are you expecting a different meal thats referred to as soul food ? When i hear the word soul I think of I think of people and jubilation . I recall listening to soul stirring messages from people such as Joel Osteen Paula White, Eryn Stubblefield, Dorothy ( Dottie) Jones Oprah Winfrey and TD Jakes to name a few .
I challenge you to step forward and take control of your mind, body and soul. Who are you counting on and who’s counting on you? What are your plans for this year . Leave your comments below.

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