Grab ‘em by the Pomegranate

  • Our forty-fifth President of the United States made a lewd (sexually offensive ) comment several years ago referring to women as to how he “grab ‘em” by the “P”$$$$. When I heard that comment my mouth dropped to the floor (not literally) in disbelief that such an occurrence happened and now its publicly replayed daily with the media.
    I thought about how can I make the “P” word more appealing and embracing , as in a healthy resolve . My opinion is that it was distastefully used by our President so ill tastefully replace it with pomegranate. Yes, for all us health minded individuals , lets grab a pomegranate by the jewels (a precious prize) lets kiss to the benefits of devotional healthiness into high gear.
    Why pomegranates? Thank you for asking. Relax your mind, remove any pre conceived ideas , now close your eyes, think with me for a few minutes.
    Grab a pomegranate, its about the size of an orange , but it has a beautiful red pulp with many seeds. Ok, you’re not impressed with its outwardly beauty yet? Hold on to it , once its opened up you can taste the ruby red liquid of its juices, the health benefits will start to explode . See the benefits of pomegranates to learn more.
    Grab a pomegranate, its referenced in the bible in numerous scriptures :
    – Song of Solomon 8:2
    – Numbers 20:5
    – Numbers 13:23
    – 1 Samuel 14:2,
    – Exodus 39:24.
    I trust that this article will open your mind to the many possibilities of “P” words that can be healthy, tasteful, and beneficial. Replace negative or derogatory terms with healthy “P” words such as papaya, paprika, parsley, potato, pumpkin,[37 Easy Pumpkin Spice Recipes], peach, plum, and of course Grab “em with a pomegranate.

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