Announcing: 20 Easy & Quick Recipes To Lose 20 Pounds

I’m so proud to announce my new book entitled: 20 Easy & Quick Recipes To Lose 20 Pounds! This book has truly been a labor of love.

My journey started a few months ago. Several friends entered into a company sponsored weight loss program. They began modifying what they were eating. Several weeks later, I noticed a huge weight loss was achieved. Of the people who entered the competition, only a few completed the course.

By the end of the competition, two ladies looked so fit and trim. I said, “If there was ever another contest, I would enter.” There was indeed, a new competition. I signed up, and my life was changed forever.

My first day was filled with motivational messages , small meals of baked chicken and steamed vegetables .  By the end of the day I was feeling good and didn’t feel hungry .  The next day was the same as the previous day . Each morning, I awoke with a prayer of thankfulness and listen to encouraging messages, by weeks end I knew that I was on a good path.  The weigh in day was every Tuesday of the week .  The first weigh in Tuesday, i had dropped twelve pounds i was in disbelief .  My level of excitement hadn’t been at that level in many years.  Its so amazing to feel a sense of accomplishment .

I continued on this path, I began a mile -long walking routine and eating chicken , fish, vegetables , and cutting out sweets and sodas.  Changing my food choices wasn’t difficult for me once I saw quick results and being interested in proving to myself that I could stay with healthy meals.  The second Tuesday arrived , I had dropped four more pounds. This was sending my ego to the clouds and I was so happy .  After so many years of thinking I couldn’t be successful with loosing weight , my hope had been restored and faith revealed. I continued with my winning weight loss journey . Into my third week of eating healthy delicious meals and a day short of 21 days I had lost 20 pounds.

My weight loss success gave me the courage I needed to pursue my life long desire to write a book . I am sharing my journey in hopes of inspiring others to follow their dreams and healthy life style goals. It is my desire that you find this book both informative as well as inspirational.

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